EXTROVERSO Design as a creative encounter

Extroverso creates furnishing objects that reflect experience and passion for design, combining craftsmanship and tradition, creativity and innovation, in a constant dialogue between different cultural realities. Our anthropological vocation guides us in this journey beyond borders, through time, design and traditions.
Extroverso is a space where different languages, sensibilities and projects flow together and, thanks to the creative flair of its founder, Manuela Dello Strologo, become unique furnishing objects. We collaborate with designers, artists, illustrators, fashion designers and craftsmen. Enthusiasm, innovation, creativity, professionalism and respect for the roots are the prerequisites
from which we start to create beauty and value.
Made in Italy Craftsmanship.
The excellence of artisan production is a defining characteristic for all Made in Italy and it is especially so for Brianza, an area that has always been linked to the production of handmade furniture. In this tradition lay the foundations for high level industrial production. Inlay, screen printing, wallpaper coverings, processed parchment, perfect lacquering: the surfaces go beyond volume and are dressed in decorative elements and materials that only expert craftsmen know how to enhance. It is no coincidence that the production of Extroverso furnishing objects takes place entirely in Brianza (an area that extends between the different provinces of Como and Milan), a territory rich in tradition and expertise in woodworking that has been able to combine artisan secrets and industrial quality, understood as attention to detail and optimization of resources.
Customized, unique editions.
We produce limited edition objects or unique creations, tailor made, not only in size but in colours and finishes. Each piece of furniture can be customized to outstand in a particular project or to blend in chromatic shades with a touch of originality that can highlight a particular creative and functional “leitmotiv”. Some of our proposals revisit the classics such as chairs and armchairs, tables and consoles, containers and panels and thanks to the uniqueness of the designers who interpret them, they enter the contemporary context with personality.
Inspiration, professionalism, uniqueness.
Extroverso collaborates with curious and enthusiastic designers, craftsmen and artists who share a dynamic and open vision. Talent, new challenges, and the strength of female design come together in a creative experience. We work with Sakura Adachi, Inveloveritas, Chie Mihara, Carlo Rampazzi, Anna Sutor and Giannella Ventura among others.
Design as an anthropological itinerary.
Manuela Dello Strologo is the founder and president of
Extroverso, although her professionalism is best indicated by her role as art director. Dello Strologo pours all her passion and experience in the choice of artists with whom to collaborate for the realization of valuable and high quality projects of handicraft matrix. (image 1)
Design as a cultural blend.
Chie Mihara does not believe in any kind of limitation or barrier, be it aesthetic or cultural. She believes that the only way to learn to dream is by playing and she is convinced that you don’t have to wear the same black shoes all the time.
Libellula Shoes cabinet (Libellula Collection)
Doors: Noce canaletto with gold leaf decoration (hand made) / Structure: wood lacquered / Inside: antique mirror, glass shelves and sides, led light. Handles: brass / Side inserts: Paglia di Vienna. (image 2 and 3)
Libellula Vanity (Libellula Collection)
Top and drawers: Noce Canaletto with gold leaf decoration (hand made) / Structure: wood lacquered / Mirror and handles: brass. (image 4)
Design as a travel suggestion.
With a refined and rich visual style, Anna Sutor is an architect, illustrator and designer with an incredible narrative ability fed by an incredible observation of reality, the result of her own experience and of the different cultural dimensions she has known and tasted during her travels.
Close Up Milano (Città Italiane Collection)
Nesting tables / Black laquered base / Top: printed wood highgloss finished (image 5 and 6 – Thanks to Potafiori Milano for the beautiful location)
Giannella VENTURA
Design as harmony of elements.
Giannella Ventura is an interior designer whose style blends classical elements, art déco inspirations and contemporary influences. Her creative vision is driven by a passion for art and the concept that aesthetics is expressed through the harmony of lines, shapes and colors.
New Moon Chair / Small Armchair (New Moon Collection)
Structure lacquered wood with seat and back cushion upholstered. (image 7,8 and 9)
Cometa Decorative Mirror (DECO Collection)
Structure in laquered wood with panels of natural mirror and
gold leaf /concrete decorated panels. / Highgloss finish.
Option available: Silver leaf. (image 10)
Eclipse Armchair (DECO Collection)
Structure laquered wood with cushion upholstered. (image 11)
For more information please visit:
https://extroverso.it/ info@extroverso.it

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