Stemau: from wood to art

Stemau S.r.l. was founded at the end of the Seventies in Rome. It started producing and selling high-quality wooden floors for both companies and private individuals. Right from the start, the love and passion for wood allowed the company to obtain, with great sacrifice, an important position on the market.
Stemau quickly became the leader of the local market and, driven by the desire for growth, expanding its staff and its structure, thus becoming a cutting-edge company ready to meet the needs of the market and customers. The dedication, passion, expertise, attention to new trends in furniture and design, the attention to details, quality, and the choice of certified and carefully selected raw materials, made Stemau S.r.l. able to meet all of the personal, aesthetic and economic needs.
Stemau S.r.l. transforms wood into art. The entire production cycle, from cutting to drying, from design to project planning, from selection to sizing, from calibrating to planking, from planning to processing, from varnishing to packaging (using raw materials from all over the world), is carried out entirely at the factory in Rome and is, therefore, 100% Made in Italy certified and all floors bear the
CE marking. Stemau S.r.l. realizes a wide range of products and finishes, thanks to the wide range of wood species treated, the modern and innovative industrial machinery and the professionalism of the staff.
The company produces indeed various formats of Traditional Parquet, Prefinished Parquet, Floating Parquet, Decking, but also Laminate, LVT, SPC and WPC. The quality and authenticity of all its products is certified by the most authoritative and accredited Italian institutions.
To enhance luxurious and refined spaces, the company also produces prestigious handcrafted products, such as thorn cuts, steps, tiles, frets, mosaics, squares, or geometric designs with inlays and inserts.
The company is also able to offer consultancy and installation services. It also has a wide range of specific products at it’s on tap for the maintenance of all types of wooden flooring (glues, primers, types of cement, impregnating agents, coatings and detergents) and for complementary furnishings (skirting boards and profiles).
The use of wood in construction is an added value for homes, but also stores, commercial areas, offices, hotels, studios, gyms, theaters, representative spaces, restaurants and venues for the public.
A wooden floor is nature that lives, that embellishes, that gives warmth and comfort and that accompanies us every day. A wooden floor is in fact welcoming, seductive, relaxing, and induces you to walk barefoot. Enriching our environments with a wooden floor means to live in contact with nature.
Stemau S.r.l. operates and manufactures its product with the utmost respect for nature and the environment, using raw material exclusively from areas and companies authorized to deforest, to maintain and protect, correctly and responsibly, natural communities and forests, according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

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