GARBOLE, The Italian taste

Garbole wine Experience The protagonists are two pioneering, courageous winemakers who are eager to rewrite their history and make their dreams come true. Since 1994, the two brothers, Ettore and Filippo Finetto who are courageously restless, wisely insane and recklessly extreme producers have poured their efforts into winemaking to create unique products that mirror their identities, enabling them to freely express the truth without being constrained. The result is captured in unique wines, with character, which go even beyond the objective evaluations of scientific tastings. Wines to be appreciated by letting oneself be transported by pure sensorial pleasure. Valpolicella and Valle d’Illasi – Verona Veneto – Northern Italy. The winery was established with the deepest respect for Valpolicella and specifically for the unique characteristics of Valle d’Illasi, in the hills east of Verona-Veneto-inheriting its name from the place where the winery is located. Wines. HELETTO ROSSO VENETO (Red wine): result of the classic blend with a predominance of corvina, Heletto is a product of the highest class in the production of Veronese in Valpolicella. The wine is created after drying the grapes for about a month and plays between the soft component obtained from the concentration of the grapes along withthe fresher, saltier component conferred by the soil. The reduced yields, the maturation for six years in new wood barrels and the year of refinement in the bottle, embellish the nectar transforming it into a wine of great elegance, structure and enjoyment. HATTESO AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA RISERVA: the king of red wines in Veneto in his most regal attire. The result of a careful selection of corvina and corvinone, Amarone di Garbole is a sensory experience: at first glance it appears profound, dark and gloomy while possessing a sweet, bewitching and consoling heart; a wine with a double personality in perfect harmony. The wine is produced from a drying process of more than 3 months, it is aged in wood barrels for 72 months and then developed in bottles for at least one year. The power of the taste is disarming, lengthened by an imposing structure that renders the sip long and unforgettable. RECIOTO DELLA VALPOLICELLA HESTREMO: Hestremo is the guardian and spokesman of its own history, the sweet wine of great finesse and sophistication is capable of evoking distant sensations and capturing them with every sip in a different key. Recioto is produced by dehydrating the grapes for a very long time, up to five months, and then ageing them for at least three years (but usually lasting 5/6 years) to which a one-year stop in the bottle must be added. The result is a dense, full-bodied, sweet wine that proudly flaunts the fact that it could be a worthy ambassador of a type of wine unjustly left aside. HURLO: the mysterious wine, fruit of the long and constant work of the two owners. Created to be a synthesis of the spirit of Filippo and Ettore, it transcends any technicality, be it agronomic, enological or in the tasting. Hurlo is not suited for classifications, criticism and stories, it is a wine made to represent the thoughts and desires of the Finetto brothers. This is the way to give freedom to the customer who only during the tasting will be able to experience the deep essence of a wine which, more than being a beverage, is the very soul of Garbole.

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