50 Teglie in Turin:the ideal place to get a taste of the specialtiesof Italian street food

Vittorio inherited his passion for cooking from his mother Grazia, an exceptional cook, who from an early age trained him in a kitchen where the main ingredient is love. Now all grown up, he continues to knead, cook, bake, experiment and design 50 Teglie and with the help of Renata, has created a safe haven for many passing through and for a adventurous young people accompany their grandparents, university students, artisans, artists and various people who mingle and often find themselves drinking and laughing to pass the time lightheartedly like in a play, on stage forever and always different, where guests are both spectators and actors. We simply have 4 products, from “molino Grassi” and “molino Daddario”,all made with organic flours and a small amount of yeast to guarantee a high level of digestibility. They are all neutral and when you place your order you become the chef! Pizza and Focaccia our pizza al padellone is the ultimate street food. A thick slice, soft but crispy with the possibility of choosing your own toppings from a list of carefully selected products. La Scarpetta Doing the “scarpetta” brings us back to the greedy habit of wiping up the left-over sauce on the plate with a piece of bread. We wanted to recreate this mouth[1] watering and familiar gesture with a “pagnottella di grano arso”, a flour from the ancient Apulian tradition with a smoky and strong flavour, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, suitable to accompany the most typical condiments and sauces of our tradition. We will offer you everything from horse meat to turnip tops, to the mythical Lampredotto. CIISTO IN SMOKING Water, Organic Flour, Durum Wheat Flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Toma del Monviso To create a fragrant, yeast-free focaccia with a warm cheesy center. PANARSO Have you ever bitten into a cloud? Burnt wheat is the star of this soft and velvety creation, created to enhance the delicacy of Trentino sausages from “Fratelli Corrà. But it isn’t all about eating, we also know about beers….We look for them amongst the more hard to find, we try them to make sure they taste good and we serve them fresh, to accompany our dishes. With our “scarpette” we recommend the smoked beers and the Arsa from Puglia also contains the same the main ingredient as the “scarpetta”: burnt wheat; the perfect pairing for the CiiS’Tò, is the fresh and citrusy Tina chiara made with Monti Sibillini water, Malti and Senatore Cappelli wheat and bitter orange peel; as for the pizzas and focacce, you can choose from sweet to bitter, from fruity to dry… ranging in the varied world of craft made Italian beers and Trentino ciders From sidreria Melchiori. Do you prefer soft drinks? We have the traditional Paoletti ones, made since 1922, the Chinotto, the Gazzosa, not to mention Spuma. If you want to get a taste of the latest products, we also have the “Molecola”, a cola from Turin. Wine? We have it and it is exclusively Italian.

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