BIRRIFICIO ARTIGIANALE CASTEL DEL MONTE Innovative craft beers that respectand value Apulian territory

Castel del Monte Craft Brewery, by La Biba srl Società Agricola, has been producing craft beer on the Apulian territory for years. It is a project that aims to enhance the personality, quality, aptitudes and skills of young people living in the Apulian area, and it is also an opportunity for growth and a way to create new job opportunities. The business came to life in 2012. Today, the master brewer Carlo carefully takes care of the whole process, from the choice of raw materials, through fermentation and bottling. The values that guide the production are various, but all of them are ethical and caring of the territory: innovation and renewal, together with environmental sustainability, guide all of the company choices. You can find the respect for the environment in the production of organic beer and in the choice of converting new land into organic, where to replant a hops grove. With the future choice of producing beer from stale bread baked in the oven, Carlo wants to achieve the goal of a fully circular supply chain. Everything is supported by determination, enthusiasm and perseverance: the ingredients expertly “blended” by each of the founding members of the Brewery. The production offers multiple types of beers. It is possible to find delicate and simple beers such as Weiss or the American IPA amber, called Costanza d’Aragona, dedicated to the wife of Emperor Frederick II. This IPA beer is characterized by its persistent flavor, characterized by fruity notes. It is easily drinkable, and the color is amber with persistent foam. The Sun Barley Bio artisanal organic beer line is very innovative, in the Blanche Beer (Belgian Ale) version with a low alcohol content, light with a taste dominated by aromas of orange peel and coriander, and Blond Beer (American Pale Ale), with a light yellow appearance with bright reflections. All the ingredients used are from organic farming, accompanied by a fermentation process free from non[1]biological contamination. And again, 2 is a beer with naturally acidic notes, accompanied by the sweetness of the beer, and what stands out to the taste is undoubtedly the flavor of cereal and the notes of banana given off by the yeast. All the beers produced by the Castel del Monte Craft Brewery can boast national and international awards, which confirm their high quality. Choosing the line of Apulian beers means trying something new, innovative and good. It doesn’t take much to give a special taste to your evenings! The master brewers are waiting for you in Ruvo di Puglia, where you can visit the brewery and taste the different fragrances of their special craft beers.

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