Castello Malvezzi Chef Alberto Riboldi invites you to his Castle

“Art Gourmet” – Our history grows Castello Malvezzi and its staff awaits you in the suggestive scenery of the S. Giuseppe hill in Brescia. A wonderful castle, surrounded by centuries-old trees, where you can experience magical atmospheres as the protagonist, and appreciate our gourmet cuisine. Castello Malvezzi has always represented the most refined conception of Italian cuisine in the world and must continue to be synonymous with elegance and refinement and quality. Our products and the cultural values they embody blend with tradition and innovation in each one of our dishes. Chef’s Menù In every Chef’s kitchen there are invisible ingredients: Experience, Innovation, Passion, Research of the best raw materials selected and prepared for you with care, to be savored in an eight-course tasting itinerary. The Classics Knowing Ingredients, Techniques and Cooking is not enough. You have to be obsessively passionate about cooking. The Taste of the Sea Art, experience, innovation and study, are the essential elements to reach success. Limited Edition Calvisius Calvisius…. Get excited about going up!

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