ITALIAN-GREEK CULTURAL ASSOCIATION HELLAS Located in the heart of Rome, the association pro-motesthe study and the traditions of Mediterranean countries

The Hellas Italian-Greek Cultural Association located in Rome, in the heart of Trastevere, was founded in 1992 with the aim of promoting the study and traditions of Mediterranean countries, influenced by Hellenic culture and becoming a meeting and exchange point between the Greek people and the Italian one. In 2019 (as in 2018 and in the pre-Covid period of 2020) the Association has increasingly become a meeting place between musicians and artists active in the folk scene, both Italian and foreign, animated by the common passion for musical sounds. Greek and their influences, ranging from rebètiko, ethnic-traditional to Mediterranean music. The activity of the Hellas Italian-Greek Cultural Association, which took place at its headquarters in 2019, focused on two types of events: the distinct Musical Areas and the Cultural Reviews of interests concerning Greek civilization and its points in common with the Italian one. MUSICAL AREAS: 1). LIVE CONCERTS OF GREEK MUSIC: Live performances by musical groups, Meltemi Group and Politikòs, of traditional pieces and also of author music, often with representative musical instruments such as the bouzouki, the accordion, the lavish Cretan etc.,(Concerts held all year round every Friday and Saturday) 2). LIVE MEDITERRANEAN MUSIC CONCERTS: Among the various dedicated reviews held on site, a fixed weekly appointment was set up, “Rythmòs” by and with Giovanni Lo Cascio, a well-known percussionist of the Italian music scene, who hosted various musician friends, Italian and foreign, every Thursday, performing in tradition and improvisation, folklore and experimentation of World Music. Also in this area, the members were able to appreciate sounds that ranged from the Oud and the accordion to the battente guitar and the medieval viola da gamba. (Concerts held all year on dedicated days). 3). LIVE CONCERTS BY MUSICAL GROUPS GUESTS: Various folk musical groups continue to have the headquarters of the Association as a point of reference for the presentation of both their consolidated work and their new initiatives. CULTURAL REVIEWS: • Literary aperitifs. • Workshops with Greek dance performances, (with and without traditional costumes) • Singing workshop

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