Moscatello: An Historical Estate in Tuscany

“Estate” means summer in Italian. It’s just one of the Seasons to visit this quintessential family Maremma estate. Have you ever spent time in the Maremma and explored Italy’s most celebrated countryside? Would you like to fill your day with lots to do but yet have the time to chill by the pool? Would you like to taste great Italian food while learning stories about the local world? Moscatello is the result of the work of many generations of poeple who have cherished the land and loved its fruits. Who have sweated for long hours under the sun just to maka it all look tidy and beautiful. Moscatello has been for its landlords a dream made land and a land of the dreams. At Mscatello hospitality is about sarin all this with you. What can I do when I am in Moscatello? Have you ever had a Turkish bath in a silo? Ridden a horse through the mesmerizing Maremma hills? Trekked over ancient ruins sung by Dante, just a few meters away from your bedroom? Picked mushrooms in the forest, only to have them served in the evening, enhanced by Italy’s famous cuisine? Enjoy this and much more, with us, at Moscatello. The simple pleasures of country living, surrounded by natural beauty, can be elevated by the knowledge that the location of the estate also offers art and architecture and wonderful food and wine in nearby towns and cities. Florence and Rome are within two hours drive and Siena, Massa Marittima, Castiglione della Pescaia, Vetulonia are all close by. Castiglione della Pescaia is a well-known and equipped sea resort, famous for its beautiful beaches and the extensive pine forests that continue till Marina di Grosseto. Massa Marittima is known as the “Gemo f the Middle Age” for the beauty of its Romanic and Gothic buidings. During the summer months open-air concert and operas, often staged in the “Piazze” and theatres in the small villages around Moscatello. Where can I stay in Moscatello? The estate is made of two main houses: Il Serratone can host up to 18 people and La Vigna up to 14 people. All houses are fully equipped with all comforts and have been decorated by Barbara Frua, maybe the most celebrated Italian interior designer. The Moscatello staff si always ready to satisfay any need and to make guests feel at ease at all times. Special programs for corporates and banks Executive Team Building and incentive travels are used in company within programs to increase sales, purchases, or, in the case of employees, productivity or quality. What is special about all corporate activities in Moscatello is the focus put on creating an extraordinary experience for both the top management and the rest of the team; an experience which would help better convey corporate ideals and foster communications between management and employees. At Moscatello we can help you create the right atmosphere for any kind of training the likes of : CCP group – Values based Leadership – Corporte Drama – Experiental learning – Specific workshops.

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