Novi Chocolate,pure Italian tradition for over 100 years

A modern company of European caliber, reflecting an unmatched respect for our territory and Italian confectionery tradition, Elah Dufour Novi Group was founded in 1982 by the local entrepeneur Ing. Flavio Repetto, who first purchased Elah and Dufour brands from bankrupt and then took over Novi Chocolate company in 1985. Today, our three great, historical, long[1]standing brands are leading the Italian market in dessert mixes, candies and outstanding chocolate product as bars, pralines and hazelnut spread. Our Group’s mission is committed to produce high quality products, respecting tradition and maintaining a fair price. We feel we can proudly say that our working methods and manufacturing techniques are leading the way at European level, controlling the whole supply chain with high quality check and timeless passion from our ultra-modern, 60.000-square-meters Novi Ligure production site. The passion and the loyalty shown on daily basis by our consumers represent the biggest motivation to further improve our pursuit of excellence. Our 4 main principles – Territory, Quality, Passion and Tradition – will always guide our path. NOVI CHOCOLATE: OUR PROCESS From 1903, Novi Chocolate represents the excellence and quality of the Italian confectionery. We directly select one of the world’s finest chocolate – Ecuador’s Arriba Nacional cocoa beans. Novi follows the whole process and receive its cocoa beans’ juta bags directly at La Spezia port. Our halzenuts, mostly ‘Tonda Gentile’’ quality, are exclusively collected from Italian hazel woods and producers (Piedmont) and are among the best available on the market. Right at their arrival and before production, we collect samples from any single bag and start with organoleptic tests and cut-tests at our quality laboratory in Novi Ligure. We are always aware of the responsibility that a food manufacturer has towards its market. Our consumers know that when they buy a product from our Group, they are buying safety and quality, guaranteed in every aspect. MAIN PRODUCTS NOCCIOLATO is Novi trademark chocolate bar and the most loved one in Italy, thanks to its unmatched combination of pure Gianduja chocolate plus a percentage up tp 42% of whole hazelnuts from our local hills. PRALINES Gianduiotto Novi and Cremino Cuadro Novi are leading the Italian market in their segment both for personal consumption or as gifts. Created in Piedmont in the mid 19th century, Gianduiotto is chocolate and halzenut paste-based praline, shaped in its classic overturned boa and wrapped in golden paper. Cremino Cuadro reflects layers of pure chocolate and hazelnut paste, with a variety of version including “Noir” Extra Dark, “Quattro” version (four different chocolate layers) and “Pistacchio”, with the best Sicilian pistachios paste. CREMA NOVI hazelnut spread is an exclusive speciality in the Novi tradition. Its uniqueness lies in the total absence of fats other than those naturally occurring in cocoa and hazelnut and its over 45% of paste of fine hazelnuts from our local hills in the recipe. The high amount of hazelnuts gives Crema Novi unparalleled smoothness, goodness and naturalness.

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