Satricvm, home of the Cotilli family

Satricvm is one of the most successful examples of fine dining in the Lazio province. The secret of Maximiliano Cotilli, chef, and Sonia Tomaselli, director of the dining room, is to base their cuisine on ingredients that come from a rich territory in quality productions, craftsmanship and peasant products. The Pontine land and the coasts of Anzio are not far: they are the standard bearers of a territory between the countryside, the sea and the big city. In this intersection of cultures, and crops, Satricvm offers an international menu, enriched by cooking techniques, flavors and traditions that come from the many years that Max and Sonia spent abroad: England, Asia and other parts of Europe for almost a decade. Fermentation, preservation, ancient and unusual cooking, acidity that stand out in the balances of flavors, linked to the innovative spirit of the culinary offer; a complete and reasoned wine list for the well-being of the customer: these are some of the main characteristics of Satricvm, a true representative in the Italian province of a superior quality.

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