Osteria della Capra Starting off on the right foot

Osteria della Capra is preparing for its grand reopening and doing so with the same enthusiasm as always. The entire staff has taken this break time as yet another test to face, in order to return to pampering customers with the best of Emilian gastronomic tradition. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Osteria della Capra, located in Via XXIV Maggio, n. 138, in Barco di Bibbiano (RE), has dedicated its time and resources to researching the best security systems available, to allow guests to continue to enjoy the pleasures of good food, without any kind of fear. The result of this great commitment is represented by the recognition of the restaurant as Covid Free, awarded to the restaurant because of the innovative air purification devices installed inside each room. Customer care For Osteria della Capra, attention to the customer has always been one of the central points of the business. In order to maintain a high standard of quality and ensure guests receive a culinary experience worthy of the Emilian gastronomic tradition, the restaurant has been equipped with every type of security system you could possibly imagine. A thermoscanner will have the task of detecting the body temperature of all customers, who can then sanitize their hands thanks to the infrared dispenser. At the table, each person will find their own disposable bag, which is useful for storing their mask during meals. In addition to these basic measures, however, the Osteria della Capra has decided to offer a further guarantee, installing sophisticated air purification equipment, whose cold plasma technology is capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria and pollutants, with an antiviral efficacy of 99.99%. This way, every guest will know they can treat themselves to lunch or dinner out, without the slightest worry. A small corner of normality In a difficult time like the one in which the whole world is going through, being able to count on smallest distractions definitely makes a difference. Aware of this important need, the staff of the Osteria della Capra have studied every detail, to make the environment cozy and functional, perfect for those who want to indulge in a carefree moment. The large outdoor garden is the new fulcrum of the Emilian gastronomic tradition, an open space dedicated to customers, who, respecting the distance imposed by the rules, will finally rediscover the pleasure of eating out. While maintaining the typical charm of the Osteria of the past, the restaurant has evolved to ensure a refined and safe space, ideal for important business lunches, candlelit dinners and meeting friends. This is a unique experience in tradition, enriched by a wise research in innovation, so that each dish becomes a mirror of the past with an eye to the future. At Osteria della Capra, it is possible to savor a small corner of normality, in a souvenir location in which to relax and rediscover the beauty of the little things and the cuisine of the past. Do you want a sneak peak at our dishes? Check out our online menu which is continuously updated and where you can get a taste of our dishes! https://capra.tasto.io/tavolo

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