Casa Spadoni The cradle of food and wine tradition in Romagna

Casa Spadoni was founded in 2014, following the gradual development of the many businesses belonging to the Molino Spadoni group, as if it had been planned, desired and designed for a long time. It brings together projects launched in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, as well as the group’s most recent food creations. And this is only the beginning! All products produced by Molino Spadoni can be found in the Casa Spadoni restaurants, entrusted to the skilful hands of our chefs under the guidance of our Executive Chef Marco Cavallucci (2 Michelin stars held consecutively for 26 years), to create excellent, traditional and creative dishes with the utmost respect for the raw ingredients and flavours of Romagna. We like to call it self-sufficient cuisine because we try to do everything ourselves in our workshops and factories. We use the best raw materials and products of Molino Spadoni and Officine Gastronomiche Spadoni skilfully and respectfully in our restaurants. We oversee the supply chain of what we bring to the table, we know the wheat in the flour used to make our pasta, the milk used to make our cheeses and the feed used by the Mora Romagnola cattle we breed. We know how much care is needed to create good things, and we have been doing this for a long time! You will find a love for origin and traditions combined with the most modern research, development and innovative technology in our establishments. Casa Spadoni Faenza A unique space created from an old silk factory, originally called “Causaca” by the French Cauzac family who used to live there in the 1600s, this is the splendid location of Casa Spadoni in Faenza: an exceptional place whose walls and history we fell in love with and saw as the ideal place for the Faenza headquarters that best represents Casa Spadoni. Casa Spadoni Faenza is a place made up of many spaces to share, a place each with its own character. We looked for the furnishings piece by piece so that our history integrates perfectly with the story of quality, tradition and technology. Alongside the ever-present Romagnola grill, there is pizza al tegamino and a super[1]equipped kitchen in which our chefs alternate between traditional and contemporary dishes of the highest quality. Casa Spadoni Faenza is also a space of cultural influences where, alongside our mouth-watering dishes, you will find guest chefs, together with a traditional, late 19th-century beer hall, concerts, shows and the headquarters of the Circolo degli Artisti Faentino. In this venue, within the centuries-old garden, you will also find a guest house with 12 rooms and a white marble swimming pool, called “L’Altromare”, which is open during the summer. Other venues Casa Spadoni also has a second location in Anzola dell’Emilia, near the city of Bologna. The group also includes the Ca’ del Pino restaurant, located in the Po Delta Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and the charming Mercato Coperto di Ravenna, a food and wine temple and event venues located in the historic centre of Ravenna dating back to 1922, which has been renovated and reopened in 2019 by the group.

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