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Viero is a brand of Cromology Italia S.p.A., part of a global group in the decorative paints industry and leader in the production and distribution in Italy, that aims to sustainably protect and color living spaces to brighten up everyone’s lives. The history of Viero is dated back in the Italian artisan tradition, when Viero family is dedicated to the production of adhesives for tiles (1967). In 1984, Viero launches a range of decorative products focused on interior design and becomes an international point of reference for Made in Italy style, charm, and elegance. The Brand, that maintains and expresses the values of Italian craftsmanship, is an inspiration for professional decorators. Moved by Italian tradition and created for architects, interior designers and architectural specialists looking for innovation and aesthetic, typical of the Italian design. Made in Tuscany is the new collection of Viero Decoratives which describes one of the best loved places in the world: Tuscany. Attention to details, reliability of each piece, experience of craftsmanship are the basis of this collection, and express the importance that Viero gives to the combination of design, architecture and art to achieve a result made of

inspiration, harmony and functionality. The first chapter of Made in Tuscany to be launched was Terre Etrusche in 2021, a series of decorative finishes dedicated to native minerals and the processing of precious metals. It was born from the love and deep respect for our roots and traditions. The second chapter was Petra Apuana in 2022, from the vision of the Apuan Alps and its precious stone, the marble, which has inspired the creation of imposing architecture, immortal monuments, eternal works; a unique material in the veins and nuances of which flows the history of a region and its peoples. Each collection is generated by the artistic artisan Italian tradition, every single component of Viero collections spreads fragments of Italy over the world. The Viero decorating line is specifically designed for foreign markets and is one of the reference brands for Made in Italy interior design. Through decoration, Viero intends to create an authentic experience that evokes the charm of Italian lifestyle and elegance. Every product/effect by Viero can be reinterpreted by professionals who, through their creativity and skills, can make every decoration a unique work of art, in line with the Italian know-how that is renowned and appreciated everywhere in the world.

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