Experience the Italian tradition in Bologna

The story began in 1966, when Renata Zappoli, with her daughters Daniela and Monica, decided to share with their clients what she used to do every Sunday in her kitchen. The aim is sharing the story of the product, around which entire generations have gathered. The sfogline take just telephone orders because they prefer to have direct contacts like the client would be directly invited to lunch by them. The secret of this successful activity? Searching and selecting only the best ingredients! Sfoglia preparation is a ritual, to take care of and to hand down for the future. This is the reason behind our choice to organize some labs in which people can share their experience. La sfoglia is a simple but precious food, it brings out and creates feelings. People should touch it, talk about it and

share the tradition that’s behind. Sometimes words are not enough: you should enter in the Lab at via Belvedere 7 in Bologna to experience what we are talking about! A strong and extreme wellness feeling, like when you return from a long journey, and feel back home.

For more information: www.lesfogline.it sfoglinebo@gmail.com


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