Organic excellences of Sicily

Masseria della Volpe estate, originally dedicated to the production and harvesting of olives and citrus fruit, is a late 19th century masseria, which now hosts a sophisticated resort that combines exclusive hospitality with an eco-sustainable philosophy. The restoration project was carried out with the greatest respect for the original materials and has maintained the enduring connection with the Val di Noto countryside. The aspiration of eco-organic-sustainability is not just a passing fashion, it’s a mission that involves guests who want to be part of a system that respects the balance between the land and the needs of people. Masseria della Volpe is an estate with a rural chic character, and it has a sustainable eco philosophy that is part of every aspect of its management. The hotel has drastically reduced the use of plastic and produces a large proportion of its own energy. As well as the friendly and professional staff, you will be greeted by the products of our Farm Secolo21.

Secolo21 is a farm established with the intention of rediscovering the quality, taste and authenticity of typical Sicilian agricultural products. “Cultivating the products and preserving the land for future generations has been the cornerstone of this adventure and the mission that we gave ourselves.” Thanks to our intentions, a sixteen hectares hill has been restored to its former splendour. The hill is a short distance from the sea, which provides beneficial effects and was already home to an orchard with hundreds of orange, lemon, mandarin, carob trees and centuries-old, majestic olive trees. After years of work dedicated to restoring and caring for the land, planting new varieties of fruit trees and olive trees, we have obtained our certification as an Ecological Farm. The first product we made was our Secolo21 organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in three single-variety oils, Moresca, Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice. We have also introduced the Spicy and a Basel Moresca. created by infusing the oil with organic products grown in our land. Every year we create new organic products, that we sell by our website ( and in several countries in the word. At the moment our offer included, organic marmalade, liquors, organic juices, olives under Evo, caponata, tomato sauce, red tuna filet, Cantabrian anchovies, candied fruit and more. For more information please visit:

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