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The Romano winery took shape in the mid-80s, from the entrepreneurial will of the Romano family, dedicated for generations to the cultivation of vineyards and the transformation of grapes into fine wine. The winemaking history of the family dates back to 1890 when Francesca and Lorenzo Romano received from their father Angelo a modest vineyard in the area upstream of the municipality of Borgetto, in the province of Palermo, with which they began a thriving wine business. Angelo Romano, graduated in agricultural sciences and specialized with a master’s degree in Oenology and Marketing and Management, is the current president. He manages the activities in close collaboration with his wife Giusy D’Amico, his son Renato – who takes care of the management of the plant – and his daughter Gaia, who takes care of commercial relations. The history of the Romano family is enriched with the start of the restructuring of the historic vineyards and with the construction of a modern wine plant in C.da Ramotta. The scope and the value of the innovative solutions of the production lay-out, come precisely from the revision of the oenological processes that the Romano family adopted at the end of the nineteenth century, now updated and contextualized in the order

of the most recent technological innovations: today the production plant is at the top of the best technological innovation available to modern oenology. The vineyards are located upstream of Lake Poma, a very suitable wine area, and have obtained the denomination D.O.C., specifically “Monreale” and “Alcamo”. Recently the number of plants per hectare has been increased, but the number of buds per hectare has been reduced in order to obtain the finest grapes. The ROMANO srl winery collaborates in close synergy with the ME.S.VI. soc. coop. carrying out the activities of winemakers and vintners, hosting their customers in the adjoining Resort to the Ramotta contrada winery, overlooking the Gulf of Castellammare. Customers therefore have the opportunity to visit vineyards and the plant, and discover the production processes. The varieties grafted on rootstocks like “SICILIA” are: – the autochthonous ones (for the whites: Catarratto, Grecanico d’oro, Grillo, Inzolia and Zibibbo; for the reds: Perricone, Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese and Frappato); – international vines, introducing Viogner and Chardonnay for whites; for red berried grapes Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah have been grafted. The processing of the grapes and the production of wine at our factory is carried out respecting very precise parameters that go towards the certification of Organic and Biodynamic.

MISSION Romano Winery is implementing its business of winemakers and vintners by proposing itself to the international quality wine market, building long-lasting relationships in the supply of quality wines and pursuing the business through innovation and technology combined with a deep love for art. VISION Our family ethic has been based for over two hundred years on: competence, high professionalism, hard work and experience. We are developing a process of continuous growth through innovation wisely combined with a deep knowledge of art, which we offer in all its forms. The vision of the future for the Romano family is to give the international market the opportunity to drink quality Sicilian wines, guaranteeing an excellent quality/price ratio. All of this respecting the environment, therefore using every technique to reduce the environmental impact. For more information: E-mail:, Web- Site:

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