Quality and Innovation

Our ceramics factory
Our company was established in 2001, but our roots lie in the experience of artistic ceramists from the town of Nove, famed for its ceramics heritage; their extensive knowledge has enabled us to give level of artistic expression to sanitaryware and washbasins, transforming them from mere industrial products to artistic and original works thanks to the inclusion of decorative elements and adornments. We’re currently the leading producer of washbasins; our sanitaryware is sold in North America, China, Australia, the Middle East, India and Russia, and adorns bathrooms with our made artistic pieces entirely made in Italy, or more specifically made in Nove, a town in the province of Vicenza where our company is headquartered.
Artisanal wisdom and innovative technologies What is it that sets us apart from competitors? First of all, our sanitaryware is created by the expert hands of ceramic artisans from the town of Nove; they control every phase of a production process that can last up to 5 days. During this time, the piece go through various stages of processing. This means we can tailor our production capacity to let us deliver just a few pieces right up to

large quantities, while maintaining the highest quality standards. Furthermore, our perfect blending of tradition and innovation enables us to create sanitaryware that is both technologically advanced and embellished with eye-catching traditional decorations. Finally, we champion sustainability: to this end, we’ve decided to remove all plastic from our packaging.
How AeT works
The process begins with the idea, which often arises from a collaboration between architects and ceramic artisans: an initial model is created from the design idea, and then the mould is made. Then production starts, which takes about 5 days, considering all the phases and various stages; some pieces are produced on production lines with the aid of robotic machinery, while other more complex products still require the expert hands of our ceramic artisans. Much of our sanitaryware is embellished with highly prized artistic decorations and friezes. We produce washbasins, cloakroom basins, sanitaryware, shower trays – all available in a range of colours and shapes; we also offer a vast selection of furnishing accessories including baths, mirrors, lamps, shelves, stools and furniture.
Our style
A wide selection of colours, precious finishes, refined craftsmanship and modern technologies: the perfect teaming of these strengths means that our products are in demand all over the world, and the beauty of our renowned Italian-made designs is widely recognised and appreciated. Every year we unveil many new models, characterised by technologies that successfully address problems relating to hygiene and efficiency, whilst never losing that touch of refinement.


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