Restaurant in the city of San Gimignano since1927

Our Bistrot in San Gimignano saw its beginnings in 1927, our year zero. From that day one, we have developed, grown and expanded our skills, because this was the only way we could maintain the high quality of our products and service.
Our café is composed exclusively of excellent products that allow us to offer our customers the highest quality. This is because we wanted to invest in raw materials,
affiliating to well-known companies in the different fields. In fact, our coffee is only Specialty Coffee, derived from the historical company ‘Le Piantagioni del Caffè‘, while the chocolate is exclusively made with Vanhouten cocoaand Callebaut dark chocolate , and the tea and herbal teas are selected by the Italian company Pierre Café. The pastries consist mainly of butter croissants freshly filled with organic jams or hazelnut cream or honey. All our dishes are created from express and refined cuisine, always paying attention to the raw materials. Indeed, our homemade fresh pasta is made with passion using only unrefined flours, our cold cuts come from a zero-kilometer farm produced by the historic ‘Terra di Siena‘ company in Poggibonsi, while our Pinsa (a typical Roman-style pizza) is crispy outside, soft inside, light and highly digestible. Our desserts are an expression of tradition and simplicity to satisfy all our customers’ palates.

All our wines are carefully chosen to always offer a high quality product to our customers. Our offer consists of bottled wines, which are also served by the glass or by the carafe. The red wines are stored with a nitrogen system.
The choice of drinks is very wide and it is consistently composed to meet all the needs of our customers. You will find a wide selection of soft drinks, a high quality beer list and a large selection of cocktails. The latter are an essential point to which we like to devote particular attention, as we use only high-end distillates to allow the correct tasting of a cocktail in its highest quality, combined with specific preparation in this field. We specialized in Gin Tonic, using only a precise selection of gins that enhance our preparations.

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