Ristorante Bella Vida

Brazilian restaurant by the sea with a culinary style for true connoisseurs

The Bella Vida Restaurant is an elegant and refined Brazilian restaurant located in the heart of Genoa, in the famous and characteristic promenade of Corso Italia. Here you can enjoy excellent masterpieces of Brazilian cuisine, prepared by great chefs, and served by highly qualified staff, in a welcoming and exclusive environment. The dining room staff includes renowned Maîtres who know how to satisfy the most demanding palates.
The family atmosphere of the Bella Vida will let you experience intense emotions! It also has a large outdoor terrace, equipped for dining outdoors in a beautiful garden, offering a pleasant and suggestive view of the sea of Genoa, where you can even listen to the sound of the
sea. A tasty and classy cuisine offers a complete taste experience, from appetizers to desserts. The proposed side dishes are of two types: cold side dishes and hot side dishes. The compositions are mainly based on vinaigrette and farofa vegetables, white rice and the classic feijoada and strogonoff, accompanied by the typical Brazilian fried, polenta, Provençal potatoes and fried banana, sweet onion rings. And, of course, the famous pan di queso morsels and the soft and fragrant homemade olive bread

cannot be missing. Bella Vida is ideal for a quality and classy dinner with an extremely accurate selection. The restaurant boasts a dozen cuts of meat carefully selected for their quality. The chefs use different types of fine meat, including the famous Cupim, better known as the Brazilian Bull Hump. The restaurant is very attentive to the marinades of the cuts and uses only natural
seasonings. The particular flavor mixed between the classic grilled and a light smoked flavor is given by the particular cooking. The meat is served directly on the plate with the typical skewers, cutting pieces and allowing the customer to choose the piece they prefer. To accompany excellent meats, you cannot miss a careful selection of fine wines that boasts more than 50 labels. We offer you quality wines selected by expert sommeliers from the best labels of the regions that produce the famous wines of Italy, and some of South America too. Our wines are stored in the cellar at controlled temperature and humidity, preserving their original characteristics.
At Bella Vida we also have an excellent Wine Bar, which offers its customers the tasting of fine wines, renowned Brazilian beers and characteristic aperitifs. The Bella Vida Restaurant organizes business dinners, Christmas lunches, New Year’s Eve dinners, Easter lunches and dinners for its customers. And if you join our mailing list, we will offer you the dinner for your birthday. Don’t hesitate, come and visit us!

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