Ristorante Boccuccia

Boccuccia Restaurant: a piece of paradise, looking for new owners!

The Boccuccia Restaurant was founded in 1986 by Carlo and Giuliana and by the sincere passion of their children Angela, Mauro and Paola.
The love for the sea, the land, genuine people and the awareness of local traditions make our restaurant, an accommodation center suitable for all the needs of the area.
Our clients will always find here excellent food, courtesy and helpful staff. The commercial space is on two levels, basement and raised ground floor. On the first floor there are three distinct apartments, on average about 150 square meters each.
The surface in square meters for each floor is about 470
square meters, the restaurant has a beautiful garden with a small pond and three gazebos as a covered summer and semi-summer area, with a total of about 700 square meters. In the front part of the complex there is a large parking lot of about 2000 square meters, on via Giove 2 the land is also buildable (the parcel is different), it is interesting because it overlooks around with a high traffic density

such as via Nettunense; also, it is located only 50 km away from the capital of Italy, Rome. The owners of the commercial part are three: Boccuccia Mauro, Boccuccia Paola and Boccuccia Angela. Instead, the three apartments are owned by Boccuccia Mauro and Boccuccia Angela.
Our intention, because of our age, is to retire and to sell the activity: we accept purchase proposals for all the complex and activities!

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