“Scriani” winery: dedication and tradition for quality winemaking

The “Scriani” farm is located in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica and the main vineyards of the property are located on beautiful hills called “Monte S.Urbano” and “La Costa”

Valpolicella is characterized by the variegated shapes of a suggestive valley landscape, modeled according to the soft lines of its slopes. In the valley bottoms the cultivation of the vine dominates uncontested, embellished by the presence of characteristic settlements.

From the slight plateaus, you can admire beautiful and fascinating views that open onto Valpolicella itself, and you can reach Verona on one side and Lake Garda on the other.

From an agronomic point of view, the composition of the soils is of medium texture with strong components of gray and oceanic limestone and basaltic tuffs particularly suitable for vineyards destined for very high quality productions.

For generations, the wise peasant work of vine cultivation and winemaking, conducted according to traditional methods, has been handed down from father to son: the cellar department of the “Scriani” company is carefully looked after to closely monitor all the delicate stages of winemaking. The family tradition in fact provides for operations of particular attention and delicacy. The cellar is equipped with containers of different types and capacities: from stainless steel to Slavonian oak to the most modern barriques.

The awards obtained in the events and competitions, combined with the consideration by authoritative national guides, testify to the qualities that Scriani wines possess.

The management of the vineyards respects the environmental balance, without resorting to water-food forcing and preserving the neighboring wooded areas. Even the cultivation treatments ranging from pruning to harvesting are done by hand according to the concepts of the best and consolidated winemaking tradition. The cellar department of the “Scriani” company is also carefully looked after to closely follow all the delicate winemaking phases: family tradition provides for operations of particular attention and delicacy.

A beautiful opportunity we offer is to visit our cellar: a journey into the heart of the Valpolicella tradition, a fascinating journey that allows you to relive the magical atmosphere of a place that allows you to breathe and taste quality wine. We offer: walks among the vineyards; visit to the cellar with related explanations: fermentation, barrel room, storage rooms, vinification and aging of wines; tastings of our wines accompanied by tastings of local cold cuts and / or cheeses.

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