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Interior, architecture, luxury


Tourism, culture, tradition

A high class editorial product.

Communication needs elegance, expecially when it comes to business. The Silk Road it’s designed to catch the eye of the reader, in order to magnify the advertiser message.

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Our editorial team is focused on creating high level original content. Delivering interesting new information it’s the best way to engage companies and professionals.

Your gateway to a land of opportunities.

The Silk Road is a path to the future.

And it’s a wonderful path, studded with opportunities.

Noemi Morales

Editorial Manager – Indiepub

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NAVAL TECNO SUD 生产和销售带有CE标志的造船产品

IMT INTERMATO 热轧工艺用于轨枕螺钉

Trattoria Rialto Novo 简单的菜肴,独特的口味与风味

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The magazine reaches over 30.000 industries, buyers, distributors, purchasing centers in China, with both printed and digital distribution.

Aiming to promote the export and industry, it is the communication support for all companies that want to be known and exported to the Chinese market.

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Our goal is to deliver the business lead directly to you. so that you can work on it and start new business.

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