Designs and sell CE certified products for shipyard

In December 2012, Navaltecnosud Boat Stand opened its doors, a company specialized in the design, production and marketing of a wide range of shipyard equipment. Roberto Spadavecchia (Sales Manager) and his daughter Barbara decided to share their passion for the sea and optimize existing products by transforming them into innovative and technological products that guarantee support and safety for operators and boats and thus NAVALTECNOSUD BOAT STAND was born.

Metalworking company specialized in the design and production of products for naval shipyard, making use of thirty years of personal experience and its own workshops.

We are a manufacturer of shipyard equipment and in particular of cradles, cradles with adjustable tilt, props, fixed heels for the keel, vertical cradles and transportable saddles with motorized trailer, for sailing and motor boats of any tonnage, scales, Racks for boat dry storage, fixed and retractable cabins for storage and painting, and we are partners of the most important companies in the sector in the world, always present at the most important nautical fairs in the world.

All the materials used, be they S235-S275-S355, are of primary choice and have an ironworks certificate certifying the quality of the product. All our products are CE certified and all phases of the process meet quality requirements and are also integrated by the following specific regulations with a specific plate on each product. For safety aspects we have referred to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and to the national legislation that transposes it, to EN292-2 Safety of machinery as well as to the Legislative Decree. 81/2008.

Our company philosophy leads us to constantly invest resources in design and technology in order to renew and improve our products. We are a company that operates under a regime of integral production control and all the personnel competing in the creation of the products are qualified according to the technical standards relating to the development, construction, assembly and testing of the product.

Roberto Spadavecchia, Sales manager of Navaltecnosud leads the company on concrete choices in the selection of materials, on production techniques aimed at innovation, in addition to the constant commitment to creating valuable products in the name of Made in Italy and above all CE CERTIFICATES which represent a guarantee of quality in the world.

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