Yachtingline, masters of shade and style


Yachting Line by Gardenart, offers a premium line of sunshades worldwide, designed especially for luxury yachts and speedboats. Famous for artisan craftsmanship, attention to detail and select materials, Yachting Line’s range of products represents the highest standards in terms of both quality and concept, while at the same time ensuring perfect customization of size, color, materials and finishes. Our design team turns ideas into realties.


Ongoing research of materials and design have allowed us to develop innovative solutions both in terms of canopy fabrics as well as frame designs. Yachting Line’s laboratories in Florence specialize in crafting quality products that are functional, durable and simply beautiful. The Multivalvola® System canopy is the perfect blend of excellence and innovation. This exclusively patented system has revolutionized the very idea of sunshades.


Our products are customizable to fit every need. You can vary the height, canopy size, framing materials and canopy fabrics to make each and every creation unique. Every project receives careful assessment, taking into consideration both product design and the technical characteristics of the location, to produce a perfect combination of aesthetics and function.

Once the technical specifications have been established, a number of preliminary designs options will be presented for your consideration, tailored to the site where the sunshade will be installed. We assist our clients at every step along the way, from design to post-production.

We help you choose the most suitable materials, always with special attention to detail and quality control in all our products. We assist our clients in the use and maintenance of our sunshades and we guarantee after- sale assistance.

MULTIVALVOLA SYSTEM PLAYING WITH THE WIND Yachting Line by GardenArt’s exclusive patent for the Multivalvola® System is a revolution in sunshades.

The modern and innovative design of the canopy, layered with concentric rings of fabric, allows for air to pass through reducing the sail effect, while ensuring maximum wind resistance.

The passage of warm air through the layers offers unmatched cool areas and shade.

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