Cangini e Tucci, roots in the past and an eye to the future.

Cangini e Tucci was founded in Cesena, Italy in 1961 and operates with meticulous precision craftsmanship in the blown glass sector, producing refined giftware and precious furnishing accessories. In recent years, the company’s attention has focused on producing a wide range of lighting items, starting from the ancient Venetian art to the application of design, the most modern aesthetic canons and the use of the most up-to-date production techniques.

“The great strength of our company and its creative engine is undoubtedly the production, which is in-house and which we have always been building and taking care of, training new recruits and focusing on quality and innovation of machinery. This gives us the ability to very quickly translate the input that comes to us from designers, or the ideas that arise within our technical department, into prototypes. We then manage to have 1:1 scale models that are ready to be tested, very quickly.”

So says Pietro Tucci, who is the soul of the company and is working hard to pass the baton to his sons, the third generation. “We are a family-run business and we feel part of that Made in Italy which is made of quality, details and details that we take care of almost maniacally. This is because we want to offer our customers a unique and qualitatively impeccable product.”

Zoe is undoubtedly the most iconic lamp produced by the company and the most popular on the market. An elegant and very simple shape, characterized by the double-chamber glass and the possibility to play with a large amount of colors and finishes. Zoe exists in different versions, from the smallest which has a diameter of only 16 cm, to Zoe Max which is the largest and has a diameter of as much as 45 cm. Cangini e Tucci’s lamps are handcrafted and use very old techniques, but at the same time they bring with them very advanced technologies in the world of Led.

The company is precisely characterized by these two souls, on the one hand tradition, craftsmanship and handmade glass, and on the other hand technological research related to lighting technology and, above all, to LED. Cangini e Tucci’s lamps are wonderful glass sculptures but at the same time they are able to guarantee a very high lighting performance, both from the point of view of the quantity of light emitted by the sources and from the point of view of quality.

This is what Cangini e Tucci is all about: solid roots in the past and a gaze well into the future.

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