The most unforgettable experience to live in the heart of the Dolomites


The throbbing heart of Alta Badia For over fifty years, club Moritzino has been overlooking the Badia Valley from the height of 2100 meters of Piz La Ila. It’s here that, for fifty years, the throbbing heart of the valley has been beating strong. The irresistible rhythms flow over the woods, pastures and mountain peaks of Alta Badia – an inevitable destination for all mountain lovers. But if to excursions and rock climbing you prefer good food, then you should stop in our restaurant with terrace and wine bar.

Seafood on the snows of the Badia Valley

Close your eyes and open your senses wide to an extraordinary culinary experience. Delicate flavors of squid ink noodles, layed upon the velvety carpet of clams and scallop carpaccio, will interchange on your palate, enchanting it. The scents of Chardonnay Kreuth of 2011 will spread in your throat, guiding you through this unforgettable journey.

Now open your eyes – the dazzling whiteness of the snow will blind you for an instance. Then you’ll start seeing them all around – the majestic peaks of the Dolomites that stand out from the limpid blue sky. As far as the eye can see, the snow covers the lawns with its pure white mantle.

Wine Bar at high altitude

If you are seeking for a quiet corner to take refuge in, immerge yourselves in the peaceful atmosphere of our Wine Bar where you can savor a good drink and to recharge your energies with some snack. Do you feel tempted? Then our Wine Bar is the right place for you. In this snug ambience, you will be greeted by congeniality and competence of our sommelier. It’s him who’ll guide you through our refined wine collection. It’s copious and variable, each bottle is special in its own way – you will certainly need some aid in choosing the right one.

The hottest Après-Ski in the Badia Valley

Every day at 2 pm, DJ Thomas Dorsi comes up to the deck and starts rekindling the embers of fun, by blowing on music so much adored by the skiers. It’s time to open the most famous Après-Ski in the whole Badia Valley – on the Moritzino’s terrace.


Every Wednesday and Saturday evening the doors of Moritzino open for the exclusive Moritzino Night. The hottest party of the whole Alpine area, a trendy format universally recognized as the synonym of enjoyment. At 7.45 pm everybody ready to go up to the 2100 mt of Piz La Ila, with our snow cats or with the “ovovia” the cable car. At the top there will be fire bowls to heat you up before dinner and to entice you with a welcoming entrèe. The aperitif will go on with the buffet: finger food and bubbles for all our guests, then everybody to the table for the first two courses made by chef Marco Spinelli. Between the first and the second course you can get crazy on the dance floor with our new resident dj Thomas Dorsi. After the second course there will be a dessert and then back to the dance floor to keep dancing till late.

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