Trattoria Morgana: where Roman cuisine meets theatrical charm

Located in Rome near the Terme di Traiano, not far from the Colosseum, Trattoria Morgana stands as a historic landmark in Roman culture. Its history began in 1933 when it was inaugurated as a wine shop; later, in 1959, it was transformed into a trattoria by Sor Antonio. The place quickly gained widespread recognition for its dedication to traditional Roman cuisine.

Currently, the menu features both classic and reimagined dishes such as the 24-hour slow-cooked porchetta. Still, it also offers intriguing options like “Pappardelle allo stennarello” – hand-pulled pasta served with white wild boar ragout or with white truffle, or even with red prawns from Mazara del Vallo in a cacio e pepe preparation. When in season, customers can savor the crispy delights of puntarelle and Roman artichokes.

A notable specialty is Roman-style snails, requiring meticulous preparation. However, the specialties cater to all tastes, offering a wide range of dishes including boiled meats, lamb, tripe, legume soups, and the ever-present Carbonara (prepared at low temperature with San Venanzo pork cheek). To complement the goodness of the dishes, the restaurant ensures high-quality products from controlled supply chains.

In 2015, the Trattoria earned a spot in the “101 Osterie where you should eat at least once in your life “ guide, and in 2016, it was featured in an episode of the Tv show “Parts Unknown” with Anthony Bourdain. Besides culinary recognition, Trattoria Morgana has a rich history intertwined with the nearby the theatre Brancaccio.

The venue offers a splendid view of this renowned theater, “home” to one of Italy’s beloved actors, Gigi Proietti. The simple act of looking from the entrance of Trattoria Morgana to the theater can transform an ordinary day into something special, especially in a city like Rome, where the art of acting is regarded with respect and admiration.

Daniele, the owner and restaurateur by tradition, fondly recalls encounters with the artists hosted in the restaurant. The establishment is frequented by renowned figures such as Willem Dafoe, Pierfrancesco Favino, Abel Ferrara, who have had the opportunity to appreciate Roman delicacies here.

Trattoria Morgana emerges as a true hidden gem in the neighborhood; the venue is intimate and popular, so we highly recommend booking your table in advance to avoid missing this splendid opportunity for an encounter with true Roman culture!

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