NAVAL TECNO SUD – Designs and sell CE certified products for shipyard.

NavaltecnoSud is a company specialized in designing and selling products for shipyards.
We produce Cradles, Adjustable and fixed Heels for the Keel, Vertical and inclined Boat-Stands, Modules for transporting sailing and motorboats on ships, Spreader Beams and facilities for handling and stowing boats, Trailed trolleys and amphibious trolleys with hydraulic pistons, racks for dry storage, Retractable cabins on wheels or rails and more goods for shipyards for small, medium and megayachts both sailingboats and motorboats. We collaborate with well-experienced engineering workshops that represent a guarantee for the reliability of our products.
Our company philosophy constantly leads us to invest resources in design and technology in order to renew and improve our products. We are a company operating under an integral production control regime and all personnel competing in the production of products are qualified according to the technical standards related to the development, construction, assembly and testing of the product.
All the materials used are of primary choice and equipped with a certificate of ironworks certifying the quality of the product and the mechanical characteristics. We focus on designing products which guarantee maximum safety for those who work under the hulls and for the boat. For these reasons we do not skimp on the materials we use, which are all high quality ones.
All our products have CE Marking which indicates compliance with EU legislation. All the materials we use, S 235 – S275 – S355, are of high quality and hold a certificate issued by the ironworks they come from, which assess their quality and mechanical features.As far as safety standards concern, we refer to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and to the national laws which traspose it, we refer to UNI EN 292-2 Safety of Machinery as well as to the Legislative Decree 81/2008. All products are supplied withexhaustive technical documentation about use and maintenance to hand out to the employees in order to reduce the risks posed by the their use.

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