INDEVA State of the art Lift Assist Devices for Scania production lines

SCANIA is one of INDEVA’s main customers worldwide and has been using INDEVA manipulators in Brazil since 2014. With the launch of the new cabin factory for the production of the new model launched in 2019, SCANIA has opted to purchase 36 INDEVA zero gravity manipulators in order to guarantee its employees productivity with total safety and ergonomics.
The equipment supplied includes Liftronic Series manipulators featuring electronic control, as well as PN Series manipulators featuring pneumatic control.
The INDEVA solutions provided for this project have been specially developed for handling the different SCANIA cabin parts: grippers and controls of each manipulator are custom designed according to each part size and shape. Each solution was designed in order to provide maximum ergonomics and safety for the operator.
With operations in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Oceania, Scania is active in over 100 countries worldwide. At LatAm, the company has three production units located in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, with a production capacity of 20,000 vehicles per year, including heavy trucks and buses and 5,000 industrial and marine engines, which employ 4,000 people and represent 20% of the group’s worldwide turnover.
In Brazil, SCANIA began operations in 1957, when the country was chosen to host the first factory outside of Sweden, and during more than fifty years of activity in the country, Scania Brazil has effectively contributed to the history of Brazilian transportation and has established itself as one of the Group’s leading subsidiaries worldwide.
The São Bernardo do Campo-SP plant produces trucks and bus chassis and is the first to receive an INDEVA manipulator and to benefit from the advantages of handling parts in a real zero gravity condition.
INDEVA is very pleased to change the way SCANIALatAm handles parts in its production line, further
enhancing the technology level of the Group’s production process and guaranteeing total safety and ergonomics to the operators, who from now on will be able to handle heavy loads effortlessly and much faster than using traditional lifters!
The advantages of the auto-weight sense and auto load balancing feature of the Intelligent Devices for Handling INDEVA are more and more appreciated by small and large companies. In fact, thanks to the electronic control, an INDEVA manipulator responds swiftly, yet smoothly to human touch, winning inertia both during acceleration and braking, amplifying operator movements; the operator notices no time lapse between the machine sensing and its response, thus allowing the system to operate as an extension of the operator’s arm.

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