TRATTORIA RIALTO NOVO Simple dishes, unique in taste and flavor

The Restaurant
Near the Rialto Bridge in Venice you can find Trattoria Rialto Novo restaurant, managed by Daniele. The restaurant has a lounge and a room decorated in classic Venetian style, a fair balance between rustic and elegant. It is comfortable and smooth, perfect to enjoy the best proposals from the kitchen. It has also a covered terrace, located in the famous square called “Campo Rialto”, which, in summer evenings, is a perfect location for the dinner. You can reach it with the typical Venetian gondola, or with the vaporetto, that stops right at the Rialto Bridge.The kitchen is enhanced with dishes to express the taste and simplicity of the Venetian style, including typical appetizers such as the Granseola Moeche and shellfish in general as canolicchi “Cape Onghe, Canestrelli to Ferri” and sought risotto “GO “simple dish, but only for flavor and aroma … you don’t want to miss them!
The Terrace
Our hosts are followed with genuine warmt, in perfect harmony with the style of local and the “character” of the place. They can enjoy along with many good dishes and the atmosphere of a typical Venetian trattoria: taste for simplicity and love for the small things. The restaurant offers an availability in spring summer period of about 40 seats in the balcony overlooking the
Campo di Rialto.

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