VILLA LANDUCCI The first “Gourmet Bed and Breakfast” in Florence!

Located only 2km from the Gate of Paradise in the center of Florence, Villa Landucci enjoys a strategic position from which is possible to visit the beauties of Florence and Tuscany: an excellent starting point to discover the city, the Chianti area and its characteristic villages. Our guests can build itineraries that are appropriate to their interests, discovering characteristic and unusual routes every day, experimenting different activities and tasting the specialties of this beautiful territory. The Gourmet B&B Villa Landucci is the result of the desire to create a place where, along with good hospitality, wine and food and culture are valued. It promotes locally produced food and wine, counting on the quality of small local producers: healthy and tasty breakfasts, Gourmet shop, enhanced with local wines and delicatessen. It also has a food and wine library. The Villa expands over two floors with a total surface of 280 square meters, a 100 square meters garden, private parking and rooms suitable for small events. All rooms are very spacious and have a terrace facing the garden, or a balcony with little sofas and armchairs.
It is located just 2 km away from the Florence Cathedral and therefore it is a perfect location to reach either the city center, Fiesole or the Tuscan countryside.
Villa Landucci is currently run by Matteo and Laura. When they first met, Laura was an artisan (she made the amazing shade of Chianti Room) and Matteo was a Clef d’Or member and Head Concierge of Hilton Florence Metropole, and then in the exclusive Palazzo Tornabuoni, before
starting his management run in a Chianti Hotel. In May 2019 they took over Villa Landucci with the idea of applying the Food&Wine Tourism rules and Concierge assistance also to people that travel around Bed&Breakfast accommodations. The passion for searching new places, finding small producers and hidden places in Florence and Tuscany is the light that drive their hospitality with the guest help to satisfy their needs.
Why Gourmet Bed&Breakfast?
The word Gourmet is commonly used to identify the Top Class Couisine, but in the past it had a different meaning: this word comes from the antique French word groume (“wine taster”) mixed with gourmand which is basically someone who loves eating and drinking good quality products.This is the purpose of our Bed&Breakfast: to offer quality products, to tell stories and origins of Florentine recipe, and to suggest gastronomical paths or places out of the most famous path of tourism.
Villa Landucci Inside Experiences Inside Villa Landucci we can arrange cooking classes, wine or cheese tastings, activities created to discover origins of Tuscan food. We can also arrange Social Dinners, in order to allow our guest to socialize and feel that atmosphere that Italians live in the “holidays family dinner”. We also offer the opportunity to set up a Yoga Class in our garden, and massages in our gazebo.
Florence Activities
Gourmet Bed&Breakfast is also a home for local knowledge, suggestions to visit those museums that the mass tourism usually doesn’t consider. If you would like a walk in the city center looking “below” the appearance, we’ll be happy to give you some suggestion. Also, if you an Opera lover, we will be glad to suggest you some nights there, maybe with a special surprise…

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