Cantina Santadi: The Sulcis wine rebirth

Cantina di Santadi is located in the Basso-Sulcis-Iglesiente, south-western area of Sardinia, a few kilometers from the wonderful beaches and white dunes of Porto Pino.
Born in 1960 and overcome the difficulties of the early years, with the arrival of a new management team, animated by a strong determination, enthusiasm and passion, the company adopts new strategies that gave it new face, with more coherent directives for the producer members.
The goal is ambitious: to aim on bottled wine “typical red wines in particular” and to give visibility and identity to the main cultivar of the territory, Carignano, without neglecting the traditional white grape varieties of Sardinia, such as Vermentino, Nuragus and Nasco.
The arrival at Cantina Santadi of an internationally renowned oenologist like Giacomo Tachis is a great turning point, from an oenological point of view.
From the grapes of the sapling vineyards (Latin vineyard) we obtain base wines Carignano, with an exuberant extractive content, a noble tannic framework and a perfect balance between organic acid component, alcohol content and polyphenolic value. The thoughtful use of the French oak barrique harmoniously contributes to favoring the cycle evolution of these exciting aging wines such as Terre Brune, Rocca Rubia, Noras, and Araja.
The range of red wines is completed with Grotta Rossa and Antigua, with the Tre Torri rosé, the Spumante classic method Solais and the refined whites Villa di Chiesa, Cala Silente, Pedraia and Villa Solais and finally with the dessert wines Latinia and Festa Noria.
The assiduous and constant commitment of our producers together with the innovative spirit and respect for territorial tradition, aim to honor the winery and safeguard a true heritage of history, culture, style and taste, which are the true essence of our rural reality.
from left to right: Riccardo Curreli (Winemaker), Massimo Podda (Marketing Director), Antonello Pilloni (President), Gianni Poeta (agronomist).
Bellow, left:
Antonello Pilloni, President for the last 44 years

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