Valenti wines: flavors, aromas and emotions

From the dream of Francesca, Giovanni and Alessandro, the Valenti Farm was born in 2004.
Our wine is the result of work and love for a land rich in art, literature and music and passion.
In Valenti wines you can find the flavors, aromas and emotions that inspired the great Catanese Masters.
The cellar, like the Phoenix, rises from the ashes of an ancient distillery, now abandoned for over 50 years, giving life to a combination of antiquity and modernity that makes it unique.
The company covers over 20 hectares of which about four are planted with the olive grove from which it comes produced a fine extra virgin olive oil under the name “MONTE ETNA DOP”.
The vineyards are located in four areas called contrade, Guardiola, Santo Spirito, Arcuria and Contrada Nave. Particular attention was paid to the choice of vines, favoring the Nerello mascale located in one of the most renowned districts of Passopisciaro “Guardiola”, the autochthonous par excellence that finds here an ideal microclimate.
The perfect combination of altitude, exposure and organoleptic substances create the optimal condition for structured wines, rich in perfumes and aromas. Thanks to these carefully worked vineyards, respecting the traditions, it is possible to produce quality wines enhancing their peculiarities.
The soil composed mainly of volcanic ash with a drought climate, adding also those due to the imbalance in the thermal excursions, distinguish this part of Etna as the best production of D.O.C.
The harvest generally begins in mid-September with the collection of the Nerello Mascalese, and ends between the end of September and the beginning of October with the collection of the Carricante It is exclusively done by hand, using small baskets.
The secret to producing a wine that reflects our goal (quality) is contained in the care of the vineyards, engaging most of our work on them.
The vines are treated with extreme care and attention all year round in respect of nature and of tradition, eliminating the use of chemicals and controlling weeds by mechanical processing.
We also try not to exploit the vine while maintaining an extremely low yield by selecting only the best bunches, giving the wine all the characteristics and identity of the soil belonging, reaching the highest quality.
Puritani the red color is the typical Etna one, the perfumes are fruity with flower and spicy hints. The taste is elegant, with a sour note that makes it drinkable and fragrant. It is a kind of wine capable of aging for many years and it well represents the territories of Passopisciaro and Etna. Norma and Roger II typical Etna red colour, it is fine, elegant with a great freshness.
Enrico IV contrada Santo Spirito a wine straw colored with grapefruit, mint tropical fruit and spicy fragrances. In the mouth it is elegant, very savoury and able to evolve for many years improving and acquiring a great personality. Malavoglia wine straw-colored, with perfume that goes from yellow flowers to tropical fruits. In the mouth it is refreshing with a long persistence of good taste. Ciuri di Lava a wine orange colored with complex, raisins, grapefruit, mint, tropical fruit and spicy fragrances. In the mouth it is elegant, very savoury and able to evolve for many years improving and acquiring a great personality.
Poesia this wine is pink cadmium colored, with a fresh aromatic profile in which you taste strawberry, raspberry and marasca hints. In mouth it is elegant, bright, with good freshness.

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