CLOS MONTBLANC Winemaking is our passion

Clos Montblanc is the consolidation of a family project that has a long wine making tradition with over 300 years of experience and dedication to the vineyard and to its fruit. Its origin is located at the Les Comes farmhouse, where from the 18th century over five generations have cultivated the land and produced one of the most evocative and iconic wines using artisanal methods. The history
of Clos Montblanc is based on enthusiasm and courage with full commitment to the past, present and future. The winery is located in the center of the region of Conca de Barberà, a few minutes from the medieval fortress and ducal town of Montblanc. The vineyards of Clos Montblanc are located in three geographic locations nearby that have very different geological, climatic and environmental characteristics. These conditions combined with knowledge of viticulture and oenology form a special terroir that allows us to achieve wines with a unique character and a strong temperament and sensitivity. Respect for the land, its rhythms and cycles is a key reason for
the tradition enduring and so that Clos Montblanc’s project prospers and firmly advances. The winemaker Josep Vadrí, with over 30 years of experience at Clos Mont-blanc understands the language of the land, accompanying the process that happens to every vine, fruit and wine.
With all this knowledge, he perfectly combines traditional winemaking techniques with the latest trends in the wine world. From the cultivation of twelve grape varieties, at Clos Montblanc we have been able to produce a great catalogue of wines with different denominations of origin. Clos Montblanc exports to more than 30 countries, being highly appreciated on five continents. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority; we establish a professional relationship based on attention, trust and the quality of our service.
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