TREVISIOL – A long tradition of sparkling wine production

The craft of winemaking in our family begins back to the early 1900s, when in the Selva del Montello area our forefather, the first in our family, began the transformation of local grapes into wine.
After the First World War, our company grew to become one of the most significant realities in the Treviso area. But it was in 1934 that our founder, Trevisiol Liberale, broke away from his brothers, developed his own winemaking and sparkling wine cellar in Feltre and subsequently in Valdobbiadene, where our company headquarters is still located today, recognizing since then the particular vocation of this territory which would later become the capital of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore sparkling wine.
Liberale’s children, Maria, Mario and Edoardo, strong in the awareness and dedication transmitted to them by their father, as well as having been able to experience by themselves the strong territorial vocation, continue the sparkling wine production and invest further in the territory by acquiring , in 1979, the Collalto winery, in the Conegliano valdobbiadene DOCG area. This acquisition brings the total company surface to the current 10 hectares, allowing direct management, which is essential for a correct interpretation of this territory.
In the second half of the 1980s, the company management saw the active entry into the company of the third Trevisiol generation in with Luigi and the current administrative and commercial manager Dr. Paul.
In addition to dedicating himself to Prosecco, Paolo, animated by the same curiosity as his father and eager to apply his family know-how in terms of “sphumanization” to other territories, begins to explore various wine-growing areas outside the Valdobbiadene area.
This experimentation, after several years of microvinification, led to the choice of Alto Adige as a reservoir of base white wines for sparkling and bottle aging. Currently, the 120 months extra brut and the 120 months extra brut rose are on the market.
Finally, starting from 2010 the sons of Paolo, Marco and Dario Trevisiol collaborate actively in the company, and currently support their father in all the phases of the business management.
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