Cantina di Casorzo: expression of the territory

The history of the wine cellar begins in 1951, when more than 200 farmers, decide to join together to create what would later become one of the best known realities in the wine sector in Piemonte (Italy) , especially for its sweet wine Malvasia di Casorzo D.O.C. Cantina di Casorzo saw the light thanks to the sacrifice of the people who fully believed that the establishment of this cooperative would have enriched the future of their children and the surrounding area, preserving the heritage of its traditions of its history. In 1954 the dream finally takes shape and amid the enthusiasm and euphoria of the associated winemakers, the first harvest takes place.
In 1968 the Malvasia wine becomes D.O.C. The geographical area dedicated to the production of the DOC Malvasia di Casorzo d’Asti wine extends over the hills of Monferrato, in an area that is adequately ventilated, bright and conducive to carrying out all the vegetative-productive functions of the vineyards.
Nine Presidents have alternated over the years to give more and more prestige to the Cantina di Casorzo. Currently the president is Botto Luigi, one of the major contributors to the Cooperative.
Through initiatives and new ideas, the President is shaping this reality with the aim of impressing it in the mind of the national and international consumer as one of the many gems of the Bel Paese. Among the objectives of the Cantina di Casorzo there is the introduction on the international market: after having established itself with its Malvasia di Casorzo towards the United States, in recent years it has been working to consolidate commercial approaches, especially with Mavasia and Barbera D’Asti D.O.C.G, in the markets of the Far East such as China, Korea and Japan, as well as in Northern Europe and the Balkan countries
The production
After over sixty years of activity, the wine production of the winery is an average of 15,000 hectoliters, obtained from about 20,000 quintals of grapes given by the winegrowers from their 200 hectares of vineyards, with 12 different designations of origin. The processes involved in the transformation of grapes into wine and its storage are handed down through the centuries, with the application of modern criteria that allow greater safety for health and production transparency. The entire production is sold directly, partly bottled – 450,000 bottles in 22 different types – and partly loose in demijohns or barrels in 10 types. The winery, in compliance with the National Integrated Production Quality System, carries out its production with the aim of minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals and rationalizing fertilization, in compliance with ecological, economic and toxicological principles. Cantina di Casorzo is the main producers of Malvasia wine, owning the 95% of its total production.
A success to be proud of
The quality and prestige of the wines have allowed the winery to win numerous awards and recognitions: the most recent are the golden medals at the Gilbert & Gaillard awards. Cantina di Casorzo proudly hosts over 30,000 customers a year.

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