MARYAM Ancient vegetable tannery…and metal free

We are a tannery located in Santa Croce sull’Arno, in Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany and in the absolute center of leather artisans. We were born as a vegetable tannery. We have always grown over the years until today. The building where we work is our property. The transformation process of the leather from raw material to finished skins takes place for the whole at our tannery. To date we produce vegetable and metal-free tanned leathers. Care, tradition and experience are the three characteristics that distinguish us. In fact, we pride ourselves on working with the best artisan brands in the Italian and foreign market (America, Spain, Japan and many other) We specialize in the tanning of horse hides, Shell Cordovan, kangaroo, deer and cow hides. We always buy high quality raw hides, from trusted and safe suppliers, which are transformed into many items such as: vacchetta article (slow vegetable tanning) pesca article (soft vegetable tanning) albino article (metal free tanning) and many more… Our leathers are suitable for both footwear (from high[1]level classic to quality sneakers) and for clothing and leather goods. To enhance the nature of the leather, we always favor little finishing. In this way we let the skin speak for itself. We are able to satisfy all the requests of our customers, even the most demanding ones, in full respect of the work of both. Our flagship is the Shell Cordovan. It is vegetable tanned and obtained from a well-defined part of the breech, hard and almost calloused part. Particularly important is the slow tanning, with tannins that must penetrate slowly into the hard part of the Shell. The color spreads by hand in various phases so that it can penetrate more uniformly; an additional lubrication, always by hand, follows and glass polishing to improve the transparency and closure of the Shell. Our tanning has been handed down for generations and therefore always takes place with totally manual ancient methods. In fact, the hides are inserted into the drum by hand one by one and are always pulled out by hand one by one. We believe that this is precisely the beauty of vegetable tanning. We are proud and satisfied with the work done to date but with the desire and enthusiasm to do better and better. Our slogan in fact is: “Impossible is just a word spoken by little men, who find it easier to live in the way they have been given, rather than trying to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s a challenge. Impossible is not the same for everyone. Impossible is not forever… Impossible is nothing”. This is us. We invite you to visit us on our social networks or contact us if you would like to know more.

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