Ondesign We are a multidisciplinary research and design firm helping companies to achieve business success by design and innovation

We specialize in designing amazing brands, products and services that stand out for creating a memorable User Experience. We are a team of lateral thinkers, creative visionaries, social trendsetters, curious researchers, positive people with the pencil always in hand to design the future. Led by Paola Pinnavaia since 1995, the design firm continues to write a story of success and innovation over the past 25 years with more than 250 international projects. Among our Customers we count: Motorola, Alcatel Mobile Phones, TCL Communication, KaiOS, Oregon Scientifics, IDT HK, Aeroporti di Roma, Addex Design, Bontempi, Telecom Italia, ABmedica, Classic World. We believe on human-centered design that has the power to change people’s lives and to create a better future. Our approach over the years has always embraced this challenge to deliver brands, products and experiences that create empathy, furthermore win international awards and guide business results and economic growth. Quality, style and innovation are our imperatives to always be competitive, projected towards the future and to spread our projects and our Italian culture around the world.We place the product as the first messenger of the Brand values. Our aim is to produce value and generate Brand Loyalty through the Product, which has always been the most direct way to transfer the perception of the Brand. This, in order to be memorable, must be able to dialogue with the consumer through its functional, emotional, social, aspirational characteristics so that the positive experiences generated by the interaction will in turn feed the values of the Brand. In the definition of technological products, the symbiosis and complementarity between hardware and software is the design key of ONdesign creative journey. We develop complete, consistent and coordinated experiences for our customers by creating a deep and substantial interaction between the physicality of the object and its intelligence, so that the use for the consumer is always simple, immediate, instinctive. We coordinate the expressive languages of the product form factor with the graphic codes of the user interface to obtain a distinctive and unitary result, with a strong visual impact and with a clear and recognizable personality. In developing our projects, we try to maintain a focus on sustainability, both by creating products that have a low environmental impact, and by studying quality products that will be used in the long term, and by designing the use of reusable, biodegradable, recyclable materials. Our job is to build strong, distinctive and exciting identities, our scope is to integrate functional and emotional qualities.

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