Bandirali Passion and Tradition!

Bandirali is a family-run artisan business, born in the 1950s, and distinguished by the quality of its products. The ancient recipe for Bandirali ice cream is handed down from generation to generation. We are characterized by a particular dedication in choosing the best raw materials. We devote maniacal and precise attention to the quality product, supplied by artisans and small shops. A winning mix that leads to the creation of a genuine and at the same time innovative artisan product. Our essential goal is the desire to offer an ever better product, while retaining the true taste “of the past” THE FINEST RAW MATERIALS Selecting only top-quality ingredients is the most important theme in the story of our ice cream. The love and passion we devote to making our artisanal ice cream is one of the main reasons behind our product’s great success. We seek out the finest raw materials, sourced from artisans and small producers. Our ice cream is made fresh every day, using genuine ingredients like organic eggs from barn-reared chickens, locally-produced fresh milk and cream from our region, enriched with carefully-selected products like wonderful round, smooth hazelnuts from the Langhe Piemontesi, lava rock pistachio nuts from Bronte, almonds, selected chocolate and exclusively seasonal fruit. MANY FLAVORS OF UNIQUE FLAVOR ICE CREAM > OUR FLAVOURS Ice cream is the heart of the company. It’s that product that has brought us success, and it’s something very special. Yet it’s based on simple ingredients – milk, cream, sugar, eggs and fresh fruit. One special feature of our ice cream is that it’s produced using the technology in our laboratories. Here we combine manual and technical methods, tradition and innovation. These elements have enabled us to gain many accolades, including Best Italian Ice Cream Workshop 2010. So that our ice cream is always fresh, good and creamy, it’s made fresh every day and at various times throughout the day. A whole range of flavours with a unique taste, soft, creamy and easily digestible. It’s hard to say which is the favourite out of the more than one hundred flavours we offer! FRESH CRAFTSMANSHIP Using artisanal methods and exclusive recipes, Bandirali offers its chilled patisserie with cakes and single portions in classic and innovative flavours. These confectionery specialities fill the gap between ice cream and pastries, and are based on a recipe comprising a mixture of cream, whipped panna cream and Italian meringue garnished with a variety of toppings like chocolate, fruit, hazelnuts and pistachios.

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