WAVENTS 1324-2024: Marco Polo Expo Fest An original proposal for Chinese cities along the Silk Road A unique opportunity to present Italian manufacturing excellence in China

Wavents was founded in Venice in 2016 by the union of decades of experience and artistic skills: from music to theatre, from historical re-enactments to the organisation of major events, from the staging of television sets and exhibitions to the development of cultural itineraries for tourism to international festivals such as: “Historica” (Republic of San Marino, 2021), “Stupor – Incontri con la Storia” (2020, 2021), “Times and Epochs” (Moscow, Russia 2017, 2018, 2019), “Giornate Anseatiche” (Bergen, Norway 2016), “Lion of St. Mark in Warsaw” (2015), “Fête des Remparts” (Dinan, France 2010, 2012, 2014), “Renaissance Festival”, Rethymno – Crete (Greece 2013), European Parade (Shanghai Expo, China 2010), “Miao[1]Li International Mask Festival” (Miao-Li, Taiwan 2004), L’Epopée Imaginaire d’un Marchand de Flandre, for “Lille Capitale Europea della Cultura 2004”. The fact that this was initially conceived as a sort of a spinoff of the CERS – Consorzio Europeo Rievocazioni Storiche (European Consortium of Historical Re-enactments) makes Wavents the leading Italian company specialising in historical re[1]enactments. These re-enactments are brought to life as street events (such as, for example, all the parades and historical performances of the Venice Carnival), museum displays, films and television programmes. This gave rise to the idea of a festival that would create a new ideal bridge between the past and the pre and innovation, the West and the East in the name of the Venetian merchant who, seven hundred years ago, connected Venice to China, enhancing their respective heritages. Marco Polo, an icon who is still well known and loved today, will guide the spectators through this place. This place would be set up in a town square, a park or a large shopping center. Actors in historical costumes, acrobats, musicians, stilt-walkers and flag-wavers will entertain the crowd while being accompanied by prestigious and mouthwatering Italian food and wine products. These products will have higher visibility in the Chinese cities along the Silk Road during the Expo Fest. Throughout the duration of Expo Fest, which is designed to be open to the public for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 7 days, specific workshops, seminars or didactic laboratories could also be organised so that the various artisan or food and wine products can be presented in a more comprehensive and detailed manner. Finally, B2B meetings can be organised to introduce all these products to local markets through direct dialogue between producers and possible importers. Nevertheless, the real feature that will captivate and involve the local people will be the magical atmosphere of a Venetian Piazza, recreated thanks to an original set design that will reconstruct the best[1]known and best-loved architecture. The silhouettes of the famous palaces, bell towers and bridges will envelop the public, directly drawing them into the various moments of the performance. The performance consists of: The Doge’s Procession, embellished by magnificent historical costumes, the performance of skilled flag-wavers of the Serenissima Republic combined with the courage of the Medieval Guards engaged in daring feats of strength and duels, the parades of jugglers, musicians and jesters who will recreate the atmosphere of the Carnival, and above all the culminating moment “Flight of the Angel”, an acrobatic performance by a wonderful girl suspended between earth and sky. A great event, unforgettable emotions, a unique opportunity for awareness and promotion.

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