Siamonapoli Artists of the true home tradition,towards an international communication

The SiAmoNapoli Association – the heart of the South Italy © is the project of entrepreneurs, rooted in their territory of origin, that want to spread the genuine and millenary arts of the former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, in full respect of the products and the territory and in opposition to unbridled consumerism. This collective registered trademark identifies various commercial and productive realities of craftsmanship in the geo / political area ranging from Abruzzo to Sicily. The brand therefore distinguishes merchants, activities and producers, and guarantees their quality and origin. Furthermore, it identifies our premises, managed in franchising, and dedicated to STREET FOOD[1]that we call Rosticcerie e Friggitorie. The external sign recognizes the commercial realities where it is possible to taste products whose creators take care of their diffusion beyond the Italian border. This is who we are or, humbly, we try to be: traditional home artists who are part of the international communication.We believe that using the adjective “Neapolitan” cannot be just a way to capture customers: origins and culture are something to be taken seriously. The Association allows the registration of those entrepreneurs who want to distinguish their company with the unequivocal “typical Neapolitan” certification: companies that produce their own specialties, typical and traditional products, and also exhibitors in any nation who decide to market in their territory the “certified” SiAmoNapoli. Among the admitted sectors, the following stand out: food, agricultural and wine; artistic, goldsmith, tailoring, touristic, cultural, historical, sporting, maritime, logistic, distribution. To receive a true experience of Neapolitan and to let our customers have a taste of the premises of our group, we organize trips to the most evocative places in Campania, to discovery the typical Neapolitan cuisine, faithful to traditions: a unique experience to discover culture, places, cuisine and typical products. Why the certificate “Typical Neapolitan company”? Away from Naples, you will find an infinity of restaurants that display the words “Neapolitan cuisine”, but often inside there are only imitations of dishes cooked mostly according to “local” tastes. This is where the idea of certification was born: a specification to guarantee the real Neapolitan culinary traditions, both in relation to the raw materials used, and to the authentic recipes and cooking procedures. Beware of imitations! In real Pizzerias, today as many years ago, you can find the hot service showcase of fried foods of various sizes, from potato croquette (panzarotto), simple grown pasta (pastacrisciute or zeppulelle) or with tufts of borage (seaweed) dipped in pastetta (vurracce), white or red rice balls (balls’ and rice) with sauce, and other traditional preparations. The SiAmoNapoli group also has 3 kind of franchising activities: •SiAmoNapoli = street food (takeaway) ( •Neapolis – the Taverne di Lucullo = restaurants / pizzerias ( •Lucius = restaurants with up to 6 tables with a maximum of 24 seats ( Joining our franchises ( is very simple and is completely instructive for those who, with our known how, are able to acquire the indispensable bases of our culinary and knowledge (


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