Cibo Venezia is the new born brandfrom a great passion that has grown over time

Cibo Venezia is the new Made in Italy brand for Italian food culture. It was founded by Nicola Agostini, who built a “Food Boutique” in the heart of San Marco, Venice, offering products of the highest quality, meticulously chosen amongst the best Italian brands. Today Cibo, after 6 years since its opening, represents a landmark Venetians can rely on without ever being disappointed. In the shop, the pleasure and the desire to eat real Italian food are fulfilled by the wide selection of products offered. Not only for Venetians, but especially for tourists, Cibo Venezia is the perfect store to immerse yourself in Italian culture, where you can discover and learn about all kinds of Made in Italy products, from cheese to salami, from red to white wines, but especially find exclusive products, such as the White Truffle from Alba, which represents, for us, the most sought after and loved product from people all over the world. Mr. Nicola Agostini is (and will always be for Venice), the one who brought truffles to the tables of the Venetian people and the Great Venetian Restaurants, ranging from summer truffles to more precious kinds, but mostly the White Truffle, KING of the Table. “You know it but you can’t define it, you perceive it but you can’t taste it, you approach it but you can’t grasp its soul. Arabian phoenix of international gastronomy, utopia of the senses, the white truffle is essentially perfume, and only afterwards it is also taste.” Cibo never ceases to amaze! Walking in, the eyes get lost observing the infinite variety of foods available. After spending some nice words to describe our flagship product, the Truffle, we need to do the same for our Caviar, bred with ancient Iranian techniques directly from our Iranian masters. But this is just one of our numerous products, because Cibo always impresses, from Benedetto Cavalieri pasta, one of the first in the world, to the Gennari family’s Parmigiano Reggiano, which has become the best Parmesan in the world after its long tradition has been handed down from generation to generation, not forgetting the raw hams matured for 36 months, the local salami, the endless wine list… Words simply aren’t enough to describe how authentic Cibo Venezia is. The shop has now become a landmark for the city, with its ability to consistently impress both Venetians and tourists who want to fully experience real Italian food.

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