SUSAFA Hospitality according to nature since 1870

Susafa is a stone farmhouse dating back to the 18th century, owned by the Saeli-Rizzuto family for 5 generations, transformed into a charming country estate, with all the comforts of a modern, design boutique hotel. Susafa has been finely furnished, while preserving all the indelible rustic features of the centuries. The hotel is situated in a truly unique setting, among golden valleys of wheat, and has become a destination well-known to international travelers. One of our most popular experiences is linked to our history starting from the cultivation of wheat and its processing. Today, at Susafa, you can retrace the entire path of wheat cultivation and finish with the preparation of bread. We offer a historic bread laboratory and other cooking experiences, using our own production of flour and seasonal harvests. We offer scenic aperitifs in the grain fields at sunset, and picnics among the cherry trees on comfortable, colourful textiles surrounded by cushions. We modify our experiential tours according to nature and the season we find ourselves in. Our mission is to impact the natural world as little as possible, and we conduct every aspect of our business with the outmost respect and reverence for nature. The green history of Susafa and the special care that the family has launched in this direction tells of numerous interventions carried out on the internal and external spaces of the property as well as a constant effort to keep the environmental impact of the structure low. Numerous “re-use” elements have been utilized in the renovation. The installation of solar panels has significantly reduced the use of oil and natural gas, while only low energy consumption lamps are used in the structure. We purchase items with care, making sure that they contain few packaging materials. The waste is carefully differentiated and then transferred and disposed of by the Municipality of Polizzi Generosa. The Susafa staff is local. We use products grown on-site and locally. We cooperate with local producers to maintain closeness with the community and increase its economy. We periodically train our staff and try to increase our customers’ awareness of environmental protection. We are constantly improving our services to significantly reduce environmental impact over the years. Staying at Susafa means living an experience where nature, culture, tradition, relaxation and genuine food accompany you throughout your stay

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