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Entrepreneurs of hospitality and catering for two generations, Giuditta and Alessandro Manzetti offer a complete service for tourists made of hospitality, catering and recreational/sports entertainment. Inaugurated in March 2019, the Lago d’Orta Le Pigne Adventure Park, ( rises in Ameno (NO) in the Agogna Valley, between the hills of Lake Orta and the slopes of Mottarone. It was created to be a place of entertainment and hospitality in nature, respecting the ecosystem. The structures are all in larch and everything is totally plastic free! The park, open all year round, nestled in a beautiful wood. A cool and quiet place in the spring and summer months, where you will only hear the voices of those present and the birds singing. During the autumn it transforms into a beautiful scenery thanks to the foliage while in the winter the snow crystallizes the paths, an ideal destination for outings with family or friends. Lago d’Orta Le Pigne Adventure Park is suitable for organizing Events and Parties that can include the use of other facilities owned by the Manzetti family: the ancient Casale MonteDuno is ideal for parties and events; The Quadrifoglio Hostel specializes in hosting groups and school classes, while Chef Alessandro Manzetti’s MonteOro Restaurant offers locally- sourced products and is also organized to serve Food and Drinks 12 meters above ground! “Le Pigne” Adventure Park has various paths to exercise balance and emotions: you can fly among the trees and experience the thrill of Tibetan bridges, Nepalese bridges, lianas, swinging rings, tilting beams, walkways… There are five Adventure Routes, differentiated by age and capacity. Thanks to the collaboration with expert partners, the offer extends to many experiences that satisfy Nordic Walking, Rent E-Bike “MonteOro, Orienteering, Bungee Dance, fly fishing, Yoga, Meditation, Gong baths and sensory paths. The new MAXI BENCH in inlaid chestnut wood was handmade by Alessandro along with the sculptor Marco Vecchi, creator of a variety of other wooden works in the park. It has a backrest with a maximum height of 3.80 m, the seat placed at 1.70 m in height and a width of 4 meters. Made from trunks of plants fallen in the woods during a flood: nature relives in new forms, such as the majestic Buzzard and Owl sculptures. Free entry, the bench is about a 20 minute walk from the parking lot, and the panoramic view is spectacular, along the Agogna valley towards Lake Orta and Mottarone. The second attraction inaugurated is a SENSORY PATH: 50 meters of different natural materials, from pine cones to sand, from bark to wool, from cork to grass carpet. The project, originated from a meeting with Giovanni Crippa, Land Art expert, was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Dragolago association (which works towards environmental sustainability) and Francesca Casella, naturalist and educator, whose mission is to express the wellness and beauty of life through different forms of activities. Giuditta Manzetti declares: “The sensory path is intended to be an experience in close contact with nature, enhancing the colors and shapes it offers us. It is an invitation to listen, starting from the feeling of one’s own feet, often not very free to express themselves. It is an invitation to take care of ourselves and of nature”

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