BSN CONSULTING 42 Special waste and WEEE, safety, training:an integrated service

Dedicatd assistance to companies on current and essential issues. This is the offer of BSN Consulting 42, which wants to improve the performance of its partners and bring them into the line with the multitude of the sector’s regulations. Responsibility is at the center of any business that wants to last over time, especially when the range of action is a sector that evolves together with changing regulations, sometimes complex and articulated such in the waste management, environmental protection and safety in the workplace. These are all themes that build the know-how of BSN Consulting 42, a company that has been offering support, training and a specific consultancy in technical, legal and financial matters to companies, for years. COMPETENCES Responsibility, transparency and concreteness are the pillars of our activity – as explains the administrator Leonardo Di Cunzolo: an activity that is based on competence and on over 15 years of experience, which aims to improve the company performance and to identify new business opportunities by constantly checking customer satisfaction. With a specialized and high-level consultancy work at the service of some of the most famous brands of eldom, among others, and of various independent stores, we take care of critical aspects on behalf of each client company. We are specialized in the many regulations, like for manufacturers and importers of electronics and household appliances, upto those necessary for storage and disposal systems and the transport of WEEE or packaging. We also deal with the practices of environmental reduction and facilitation in the context of the regulations and the Ta.Ri . We are specialized in safety in the workplace, being a certified training body for professional certificates. We have certified teachers and a platform capable of responding to the multiple needs of our customer landscape. The company deals in particular with aspects such as risk assessment, health surveillance and training, information and training activities based on current legislation. QUALIFIED SUPPORT A mission on several fronts, which has evident advantages both from an internal point of view and from the partners that the company collaborates with: BSN Consulting 42 in fact exploits the synergies of long-time professionals, placing itself as a single interlocutor able to provide varied services of vital importance in terms of corporate compliance. We can be the link between the ministerial directives applied to our reference sectors and the market. We pay particular attention to communication with our partners. The company boasts a stable collaboration with an advanced logistics platform, dealing with the entire process ranging from warehouse management to so-called ‘home delivery’ up to the collection of generated waste ABOUT THE LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE Leonardo Di Cunzolo is the director of the BSN CONSULTING 42 Consultancy Company, and member of the Board of Directors of the Archimede cooperative, operating in the transport, logistics and waste disposal sector. He is the commercial manager of the Delta Group, active in the transport, logistics, waste disposal and thermo-hydraulic sector. He is the president of the Italian National Union of Environmental Consultants, technical manager of waste management in the National Register of Environmental Managers for companies and municipalities, qualified technician for support services in the Metropolitan City of Rome and the Juvenile Court of Rome.

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