MERCATO POMPEIANO Tastes of the past, in the heart of Pompeii

Mercato Pompeiano is a gastronomic project in Pompeii, it consists of a restaurant (in via Sacra 13) and a pizzeria (in via Sacra 8). It all stemmed from our passion: three old friends, Carlo, Gaspare and Giovanni, lovers of good food. Here we realized our dream of embarking on a journey through the goodness of our beautiful country, comparing the territories of Italy, among wines, dishes and quality raw materials. We were inspired by the merchants who once frequented the Macellum, the market of ancient Pompeii; today we want to bring the best of Italian food to contemporary Pompeii. In the two locations, gastronomic excellence, carefully selected and from every corner of Italy, is highlighted. Meats, cheeses, pasta, wines, and even flours, oils, mozzarella, aromas, cured meats, beers, recipes, flavors and cultures: many diversities that find their synthesis in the recipes, dishes, pizzas, fried foods and whims we prepare. But we also paid attention to the furniture and the setting: our dining room has a refined design, with a beautiful contrasts between materials such as iron, wood and stone, between “ancient” and modern, coherent. The floors with mosaic texture and the walls with Vesuvian stone are an ideal homage to the culture of our roots, the perpetuation of tradition in a modern restaurant and pizzeria in step with the times, in which the Italian cuisine of today is exalted, also thanks to the particular types of cooking used, also of ancient inspiration. In the restaurant we use a Josper oven, which combines the advantages of the oven with those of a grill, and the Kamado, an oval-shaped oven entirely in ceramic, which is characterized by its great versatility of use. Likewise in the pizzeria, the oven is specially designed for the type of dough that our master pizza makers prepare. The oven, the kitchen and the pantry are visible. All the ingredients and raw materials we put on our plates can be purchased and taken home, to continue making the experience of Italian food unique. We offer various solutions for lunches or dinners and an excellent quality / price ratio. We collaborate with the most important national and international tour operators and we are able to propose convenient agreements with customized menus ad hoc for every need (with particular attention also to the customer who has different dietary and / or religious needs). The restaurant can accommodate groups of up to 60/65 people, while the pizzeria can accommodate groups of up to 130/140 people. The premises are located in the heart of modern Pompeii, overlooking the famous Sanctuary of the Madonna del Rosario, five minutes from the fascinating archaeological walk and immersed in the main shopping streets.

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