The Artioli success over the century

The tradition of Artioli finds its roots in the family secrets which were passed on from the founder Severino Artioli to his descendants. In 1912 Severino Artioli, at the age of seven, began to work in a workshop in Ferrara. He learned the art of shoemaking from his teacher master shoemaker graduated at the Paris artisans school. In 1945 he decided to create his own shoe factory: Calzaturificio Star Srl and in the late fifties, Vito, a child of Severino joins the firm. He was very creative inventing new designs and the slip-on shoe with elastic under the tongue, allowing the fit to be adjustable to different types of feet, as well as elastic lacing permitting the lace up of Oxford and Derby to fit as easily as the slip-on models. The oil crisis influenced the purchasing power of Europeans and Americans, but a new rich Arabic market appeared demanding fancier models, colors and decorations. The production also touches on niches such as the golf shoe and polo boot made to measure. A new generation of shoes has been created with the entrance of Andrea in the company, son of Vito, the casual line called “Andrea by Artioli”, a shoe that adapted to the foot wearing it. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Eastern European markets become important for Artioli, that found several distributors in Russia, Japan, Australia and China. The good fortune of the company is due to the ability to

follow the new markets that open to globalization. This passion has brought significant successes over the years that have allowed Artioli shoes to be present in all major cities in the world and in the most prestigious stores. Artioli creates a wide range of leather products according to his high-quality standards. Production takes place through ancient methods that have been improved by technological evolution but keep those manuals phases impossible to perform with the machine. It was decided to maintain the structure as close as possible to the family: this is considered the only way to allow small production and high quality, and guarantee the best final product, without succumbing to the need for revenue. Combining a casual style with the refinement of an artisan shoe is the challenge that Artioli took up and, during the pandemic, has developed a line of informal footwear, designed for those men who appreciate highest quality but who do not want to give up on a modern look. With the cooperation of Alberto, Andrea’s second of three children, which joins the firm in 2020 after the school graduation in designing, has been introduced the fashionable “sock” shoe that is meeting considerable success. Artioli is now opening mono brand stores that offer the full range of his production, appreciated by the elite of the international good taste, with the intent to dress the man who wants the absolute best of the Italian lifestyle. The Artioli’s have drawn more than 90,000 models of shoes and leather goods, which are permanently displayed in the showroom in Via Bigli 15 in Milan. The products are sold also on the e-shop

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