A tailor-made experience, to make you feel at home

Every trip is unique and in Camplus we want each and every guest to experience it to the fullest. For 30 years we have been dedicated to those who travel, whether for school, work or tourism, offering tailor-made accommodation designed to always make you feel at home. The Camplus housing proposal is designed to ensure the widest choice. HOTELS AND HOLIDAY HOMES for tourists and professionals who are travelling and exploring the most important Italian cities, with the right balance between quality and price and a variety of different room types, in a youthful and international atmosphere. MERIT COLLEGES designed for university students; they combine top-notch residential services with a wide range of educational initiatives that enrich the academic journey and provide incentives to build connections that last. RESIDENCIES for students, workers and travelers who want flexible solutions, from one day to one year, without sacrificing the quality and convenience of an “all inclusive” residential offer, with coworking and relaxation spaces where they can spend time for themselves and community life. APARTMENTS for students and young workers seeking independent solutions and highest flexibility of choice in terms of housing type, location and price/quality balance, with a Camplus team working in every city. We operate in Italy in BOLOGNA, CATANIA, CESENA, FERRARA, FLORENCE, MILAN, PADUA, PALERMO, PARMA, PAVIA, ROME, TURIN, VENICE and Spain in PAMPLONA and SEVILLE.

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