Tradition and creativity are the ingredients of what we offer

Ù gnore is an iconic spot for customers from Bari and beyond to buy fresh fish and seafood. Since 2004, it has evolved adding the take away service of raw and cooked fish resulting in the creation of the checcine du mar, putting typical dishes of Bari’s seafood culture in the limelight. In 2010 Ù gnore expanded its vision by giving an opportunity to all its patrons with an on-the-spot tasting service at tables in an indoor and outdoor hall, establishing the Ù Gnore restaurant. We aim to bring our guests closer to tradition, to grandma’s dishes and to the clever simplicity of food without alterations. We try to respect the seasons, presenting our guests with what mother nature offers, making use of the experience and professionalism of our chefs. With years of expertise in the seafood industry, the Maselli family devotes their heart and soul to customer satisfaction with the distinction of combining Bari culture and a desire to be together. At Ù Gnore, it is paramount that you feel at ease, as if you were at home, in an evening with friends, even if you are by yourself.

For more infotmation please visit: www.ugnore.it

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