Specialized, certified organic winery in Chianti

Fattoria I Veroni is situated on the edge of the famous wine area of Chianti Rufina. The vineyards that surround the farm constitute the productive heart of the property. In the 1990s the gradual conversion to organic viticulture began, culminating in certified status from the 2013 vintage. The true history of I Veroni is of a feudal past which began with a watch tower that was later incorporated into the sixteenth century property of the noble Tuscan family of Gatteschi. I Veroni literally means “the terraces” (there is only one left) on which tobacco leaves were hung out to dry. The main grape grown at I Veroni is Sangiovese. Additionally, there are Canaiolo, Colorino, Malvasia and Trebbiano, and small plantings of Merlot, Petit Verdot and Syrah. The vineyard dedicated to the young Chianti Rufina was completely renovated in the 1990’s. The soil, mainly rich limestone, has a 30% gradient which gives the vineyard its name Pianottolo – I DOMI. The exposure is south/ southwest capturing the sunset which means the grapes can ripen fully in the rays of the sun. There are three wines that fully express the philosophy

and passion of the company: I Veroni Chianti Rufina “I DOMI” is a fragrant wine, good to drink young. Tangy, tannic, with a lingering taste, balanced and harmonious. I Veroni Riserva “QUONA” Chainti Rufina Docg is a full, velvety, compact, deep and with a great persistence wine, a true jewel capable of aging for a very long time. Vin Santo “OCCHIO DI PERNICE” is produced with Sangiovese and Canaiolo 80% Malvasia Toscana (10%), Trebbiano (10%). With this wine you get a true nectar, deep amber color, the bouquet reminiscent of honey, almond, walnut and chestnut trees, with a full and creamy taste. Completing the range of wines Amelia (TOSCANA ROSATO IGT) made with Sangiovese. And finally, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil whose packaging shows what a treasured product it is. The rapid transformation and the use of an extraction method that does not overheat the olives allows the virgin olive oil to be intense, fragrant and elegant. I Veroni’s production philosophy is to put its trust in its name and its grapes to be the true interpreter. Sangiovese grown in this area is characterized by finesse, drinkability and the ability to be aged for a long time. Other important factors are the limestone soil in which it is grown; exposure of its slopes with cooler and less sunny areas; difference between day and nighttime temperatures which is typical of the region and ensures good acidity and delicate aromas. Says Lorenzo Mariani “I have never liked wines to be too strong or difficult to read. What distinguishes my Sangiovese must be drinkability, elegance and simplicity. It must not display excessive softness but show a firm character”.

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